The Home Malaysians Want

According to the findings of the Lafarge-EdgeProp MYHOME survey on the Ideal Malaysian Home, a gated landed unit with three rooms or more and three bathrooms or more, costing no more than RM600,000 and with easy accessibility with amenities located nearby is the ideal home for Malaysians.

The six-week survey conducted on from Feb 28 attracted close to 14,000 responses from throughout the country. More than half of the respondents are below 35 years old while 19 per cent are aged between 36 and 45 years. Most reside in the Klang Valley in Selangor (42%), Kuala Lumpur (17.5%), Johor (7.1%) and Perak (6.8%).

More than half (61%) of the respondents earn less than RM100,000 annually. A quarter (24.4%) earns RM100,000 to RM200,000 annually while 10.6% earn RM200,001 to RM400,000 a year.

Interestingly, Malaysians’ penchant for food is mirrored in the survey findings. Although the kitchen is not identified as the most important space at home, 80% of respondents name cooking, be it for themselves or their family members, as the most important activity at home. When choosing their ideal home, the respondents stress more on construction quality that attributes such as a prestigious address.

Lafarge Malaysia chief executive officer Mario Gross, says, “The survey results serve as a good reference for the industry as it seeks to provide Malaysians homes they want to live in. It is more important now than ever before for building solutions companies like Lafarge to work closely with architects, designers and developers to build homes that meet the needs of Malaysians.” managing director and editor-in-chief Au Foong Yee says the survey findings amplify that a home is not just a roof over one’s head. This has everything to do with changing lifestyles plus the fact that real estate ownership is getting harder due to a mismatch in property prices and income levels.

“While it is true that trends may influence aesthetics, fundamental needs such as location, affordability, security and convenience remain paramount for the home Malaysians want,” adds Au.

The Lafarge-EdgeProp MYHOME campaign is jointly owned by Lafarge Malaysia and


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