KFH Malaysia refreshes website

Kuwait Finance House (KFH) has launched its revamped website after making significant updates, changes and inclusion of the highest standard specifications of global websites in form and content.

David Power, Chief Executive Officer of Kuwait Finance House Malaysia expressed the bank’s leading role as a global Islamic Bank providing services to customers and achieving harmony with the spirit of change and development which makes the website navigation an interesting opportunity to achieve comprehensive and integrated view of KFH Group. KFH Malaysia is linked through this website with other subsidiary banks. The website provides new, modern electronic services and advantages.

Power adds, “The website provides highly significant information to customers as it focuses on the advantages of services and products provided to customers such as “Murabaha”, “Ijara”, “Istisnaa”, “Tawarruq”, foreign exchange, agency investment deposits, individual and corporate call accounts and banking cards for various tiers of customers.”

The website also provides several distinguished services including the possibility to compare the advantages of banking cards and choose appropriate cards in addition to Zakat calculation method, trade finance calculation method and the XE currency converter. With the implementation of the transparency policy adopted by KFH Malaysia, the website shows all commissions collected against the services provided to customers in an easy manner
such as Basic Savings Account, KFH “Libshara” Account, Debit Card, Foreign Currency International Commodity “Murabahah” Deposit, online banking services and many more.

One of the most important features of the website is the fact that there is an element of augmented reality. The browser can take advantage of the guiding features such as “How can we assist you today?” which allows users to choose the bank cards that suit their lifestyle, choose from all available bank accounts and deposits, while exploring the latest offers and innovative solutions with rewarding investment opportunities.



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