RM583 Million Spent In F&B Locally

According to a survey conducted, Airbnb’s guest community spent RM583 million (USD144 million) at restaurants and cafes in Malaysia in 2018. Airbnb’s network effect is spreading the benefits of tourism locally as 84 percent of their hosts recommend restaurants and cafes to guests, driving more people to visit places they might not otherwise discover online.

Airbnb guests say 45 percent of their spending occurs in the neighborhoods when they visit Malaysia, rather than other accommodation options which often concentrated.

In 2018, Airbnb guests spent USD25 billion in restaurants and cafes globally, with at least an estimated USD2.4 billion spent at restaurants and cafes across Asia (over USD212 million in Thailand, USD116 million in Indonesia, USD116 million in the Philippines, and USD58 million in Singapore).

For many travellers, belonging means experiencing a place through local foods and flavors by learning to cook a traditional recipe or discovering neighborhood restaurants and cafes, all while creating authentic memories and connections to a destination.

“There is no better way to learn about the rich culture of Malaysia than by discovering the abundance of food and flavors that this nation has to offer. Through Airbnb, we can promote economic opportunity for hosts and the neighborhoods that welcome them, particularly local food establishments and support the Ministry of Tourism’s RM100 billion tourism receipt target,” said Mike Orgill, General Manager for Southeast Asia, Hong Kong and Taiwan, Airbnb.





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