Magnitude Healthcare urges companies to get employees tested

(Photo by Mohd RASFAN / AFP)

By Dr Alvin Lum Wai Keng ,Chief Executive Officer of Magnitude Healthcare

Covid–19 had dominated the headlines of newspapers worldwide since December 2019. In the last 2 months, it has taken the world by storm, and claimed tens of thousands of lives.

While almost a million people were affected by the illness, more than 100 Million people have been affected economically. More than USD 1 trillion in deficits worldwide, and almost RM100 billion in losses in Malaysia. Covid–19 is an economic disaster, worsened by the Movement Control Order (MCO) that was rightly ordered in order to curb the spread of the infection.

Many companies, mostly SMEs and even large Multinational companies are being forced to shutdown due to the infections

Having learnt from successes in Japan and Korea, and the failures in the USA, Italy and Spain, we know that the way forward is testing. The higher the number of people tested, the higher the likelihood of segregating those positives from the negatives, and stumping the spread of the virus

Magnitude Healthcare, as a Healthcare Service Provider, has taken upon ourselves to do the following:

  • COST PRICE TESTING for Corporate and Community Screening
  • Corporate & Community testing to increase the number of screened population, and reduce the overall workload of the public healthcare system, which is at its maximal capacity
  • Drive through and Home sampling for PCR Testing
  • COVID – 19 testing via RT PCR method only, to ensure minimal false negatives
  • Reduced Price Screening for everyone
  • Working with NGOs to cover our cost of screening so everyone can screen

We understand that the price of the testing may be significant at this moment, but let me assure you that no amount of money may replace health, or the risk undertaken by our healthcare providers in offering testing, hence, All our charges to communities and companies are to cover all costs incurred to us and incidentals only.

Now its your turn, if you own or manage a company or human resources, we need your help. Help the country by helping us get all your employees tested.


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