KL 33 Properties introduces first ‘Covid Secure’ office space

KL 33 Properties Sdn Bhd had unveiled the industry’s first ‘Covid Secure’ office space at Menara KL33. The fully furnished office spaces are specifically reconfigured and retrofitted according to the six feet social distancing rule to prioritise the safety, health and wellbeing of occupants and tenants.

“While many are looking forward to return to office, we cannot ignore the high level of anxiety and uncertainty among some office occupants. By pivoting the ‘Covid Secure’ office concept, we are able to meet the changing requirements of workplace operations, and more importantly, provide an environment that instils confidence that it is safe to come back to the office again,” said Tan Kok Leong, KL 33 Properties Executive Director.

KL 33 Properties has also introduced the ‘Easy Lease Programme’ to help companies bring their workforce back to office safely, minus the exorbitant initial set-up costs.

Under the programme, companies can amortise all direct costs involved in renovating and retrofitting the office into the monthly rental, with a  flexible leasing term, from three months onwards.

“The new ‘Easy Lease’ programme is targeted at budget-conscious companies, especially young start-ups, so, they can quickly bring their workforce back to a Covid-secured office, while at the same time, preserving cash to tackle economic challenges,” Tan said.

The vacant workspace layout and interiors could be retrofitted to adhere to the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) recommendation of 6-feet distancing between each person in all workplace settings including workstations, meeting rooms and even in the pantry.

Other innovative features include biometric and thermal screening at the building main reception area and individual office entry; a single direction traffic flow for common areas and all points of entry and exit, as well as touchless contacts for restrooms, to reduce direct contact with various surfaces.

Additionally, the central air ventilation system in Menara KL33 has been modified to provide more fresh air in the indoor environment, while, tenants have an option to install additional Ultraviolet Air Sterilisers to reduce airborne microorganisms.

All visitors to Menara KL33 will also be required to submit their contact details using a QR code provided upon entering the building.

Furthermore, cleaning and sanitation procedures are also enhanced to ensure commonly touched surfaces are sanitised three times a day, and frequent disinfection will be carried out at all high-traffic areas within the building

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