NexODN International introduces AI Machine-Learning platform to enable agile changes for large and enterprise sites

NexODN International Sdn Bhd has announced an Artificial Intelligence (AI) Machine-Learning SEO Platform as a Service (PaaS) called NexODN, which will enable agile changes to large and enterprise sites and essentially provide a radical shift in the technology market.

Implementing their very own developed Optimisation Delivery Network (ODN) on their software; NexODN prides itself as the first and only SEO Machine Learning (ML) in Malaysia that guarantees top-ranking website position in organic Google Search within an agreed timeframe.

What makes this software the best in the market is its AI SEO Predictive Modeling ensuring that a client’s brand content is easily accessed and found by search engines and ranks highly. Along with its regarded World-First AutoPilot SEO System, NexODN will not only deploy a site within as little as 10 minutes (as compared to traditional SEO that will take weeks or even months), it also recommends the best meta titles and descriptions of the website, which gets embedded automatically via scripts.

Francis Lui, the Founder and CEO of NexODN International Sdn Bhd said, “Traditional SEO takes a few months to see some results, perhaps 3 months or more. With Google’s constant Core Algorithm updates, it is impossible for a human to manually manage changes that quickly, more so for over a prolonged period of time.”

Based on most of the major written and spoken global languages, NexODN operates on Natural Language Processing (NLP) which allows it to comprehend regional data-sets including Thai, Chinese, Viet and Bahasa Indon. “Google is no longer talking about keywords, instead Google has been addressing “searcher intent” for quite some time. Resonating with your audience is critical to create relevance. Without the right context, it might mean absolutely nothing,” added Francis.

Meanwhile, NexODN is looking to raise funds via Equity Fund Funding (ECF) platform PitchIN of about RM5 million that will be disbursed into team expansion in reaching other regions in ASEAN as well as Oceania within the next 2 years.

“Adjusting to the ‘New Normal’ (thanks to Covid-19), the role of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to glean insights into consumer behavior has become more relevant than ever. Since the pandemic, there had been a significant shift in people’s behavior, be it shopping patterns, daily activities, lifestyle habits, etc.

Machine Learning like NexODN comes into play to process volumes of data that would be advantageous to track such situations and make real-time changes,” Francis concludes.

Under the initiative of SME Business Digitalisation Grant through Ministry of Finance (MOF), Bank Simpanan Nasional (BSN), SME Bank and Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC), NexODN International Sdn Bhd was also recently appointed as one of the Technology Solution Providers (TSP). The main objective of this program is to support and assist Malaysian SMEs in the implementation of digital solution.

Since 2005, NexODN International has managed over 300 brands of clientele from various micro SMEs to MNC clients in
industries such as airlines, retail, banking, and automotive, among others. For more information on NexODN, please go to

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