11th IGEM 2020 positions Malaysia as a flourishing hub of green industries and finance

The third day of the 11th International Greentech & Eco Products Exhibition & Conference Malaysia (IGEM 2020), continued to serve as a multiplier of business opportunities, integrator of diverse possibilities and accelerator of impactful change, underscoring its role of positioning Malaysia as a flourishing hub for green industries and green finance.

Organised by the Ministry of Environment and Water (KASA) and co-organised by the Malaysian Green Technology and Climate Change Centre (MGTC), day three of IGEM convened 17 conference sessions exploring topics including; energy conservation, green finance, low carbon cities, waste management and climate action strategies, amongst others.

Shamsul Bahar Mohd Nor, Chief Executive Officer, MGTC said, “IGEM 2020 is a confluence of diverse possibilities to enable businesses to seek investments to grow, explore ways to adopt cutting edge technologies, reach out to customers and tap into the brightest minds in the green economy.” “

By holding these virtual conferences that are solely dedicated to the green economy, we aim to convey the financial viability of green industries as well as steer greater participation from the financial sector and entrepreneurs. In fact, the rewards of being a part of the sustainability sector will always be multifold, as it is not only environmentally but economically beneficial,” he concluded.

Continuing the Malaysian Climate Change Group’s Climate Action Forum, today’s discussions focused on Mitigation and Adaptation Financing Mechanism drawing the participation of the Securities Commission and leading financial institutions.

“To meet the global calls for green technology to play a significant role in the post-pandemic economic recovery, the financial community must step up and work closely with entrepreneurs and industries to deliver the urgently required new financial paradigm,” said MGTC Chief Operating Officer, Tuan Syed Ahmad bin Syed Mustafa, who was moderating the conference.

Day three of IGEM 2020 also saw the High Commission of Canada and GRC Capital hosting a session titled “The Canadian Energy Conversation” providing an opportunity to engage with leading Canadian renewable energy experts in the fields of biogas, solar and waste.

This year’s virtual edition of IGEM has thus far welcomed 6,740 visitors, keen to explore the 161 exhibition booths as well as recorded 5,347 delegates participating in the conferences hosted so far on the virtual.igem.my website. Country and regional pavilions include Canada, Great Britain, the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Belgium, China and South Korea.

Representing the Wallonia Export & Foreign Investment Agency at Belgium’s country pavilion, Trade Commissioner, Edith Mayeux said; “Like Malaysia, Belgium too recognises the important role that the green economy will play in our nation’s future economic growth and as such, we are very pleased to be able to share our technical know-how in renewable energy, environment and water & wastewater technology.”

“As part of IGEM this year, the Wallonia region of Belgium, is sharing details of its two dedicated clusters; GREENWIN, an environment cluster that brings together 200 companies active in chemistry and biochemistry, construction, and environmental technologies, and TWEED, a cluster dedicated to sustainable energy production and exploitation. The region also participates in the Greater Green metacluster, enabling partnerships with organisations in Luxembourg and regions in France and Germany as well as providing access to the whole European market,” she added.

IGEM 2020 also ensured that Malaysian youth were offered opportunities to participate and be included in the new green paradigm. The United Nations Association of Malaysia Youth (UNAM Youth) was established as a platform for Malaysian youths to be directly engaged with the goals of the United Nations through its events, activities and programs under the oversight of the Governing Council of the UNAM.

Representing UNAM Youth, Rehhahn Tudball said, “We are very pleased to be playing a role in this year’s IGEM and are grateful to the organisers for ensuring that Malaysia’s youth is given the opportunity to participate in framing the agenda for the new paradigm as called for by the Prime Minister.”

“I am confident that over the course of IGEM, delegates attending UNAM Youth organised conference sessions will gain considerable insights and leave with the certainty that their views on Malaysia’s environmental sustainability have been voiced to a wide spectrum of influential stakeholders,” he concluded.

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