Penang City Council Makes Full Cashless Integration With Boost eWallet

In order for the country to truly become a cashless society, it first needs to remove all aspects of cash transaction among its government operations. Citizens should no longer need to queue at land offices, or wait in line for paying licenses and even renewing their passports. All these processes should be done online or using available payment applications. Thankfully there are service providers working hard on transforming such activities, Boost an established eWallet provider has been working with government agencies and city councils to integrate such services into their app.

The latest to join the club is Penang State city council Majlis Bandaraya Seberang Perai, users in the island can now pay their MBSP bills including their tax assessment, stall rental and parking compounds with their e-wallets. Incidentally this is the first time all three services has been integrated into a cashless transaction process.

As an enhanced feature users can set a payment reminder for bills. This way, users can avoid missing routine bill payments. Users can also save their favourite billers for easy access which saves a lot of time from having to input account details before every payment made.

Penang has been progressive in adopting digital processes in its governing, the state has various initiatives in place with the aim of transforming as part of its Penang2030 vision. From mere using cashless to pay for parking, with the latest move more services can soon become cashless, the goal is to keep cash transaction as minimum as possible. Going cashless is more hygienic and ultimately saves financially for customers, merchants and the government.


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