Airbnb Adds Emergency Hotline To Its Features

When travelling to a foreign land one cant take for granted on safety and peace of mind, after all its for a holiday and the idea is to relax and not worry if untoward incidences. Popular accommodation application Airbnb is well aware of this and has rolled out its emergency hotline to support users if they would need any assistance.

The Urgent Support Line will be available to all Airbnb users who have selected English as their primary language and will be further expanded to include additional languages throughout 2021.

Any Airbnb user who has selected English as their primary language in-app, regardless of where they’re located, can access the line anywhere in the world, and able to talk to specialised support agents who will be on stanby 24/7 to assist should an urgent issue arise.

Whether guests are staying in an off-the-beaten-path destination, hosting from an apartment in the city, or on an Experience hiking hidden trails, Airbnb is here to help when things don’t go as planned, serving as a simple means for hosts and guests facing certain time-sensitive issues that require access to a team of highly trained safety and crisis specialists within a matter of seconds.

For example, a guest who arrives at their listing but cannot check-in or get in touch with their host can utilize this support line. Similarly, a host could use this tool to contact Airbnb if they have safety concerns with their guest. The Urgent Support Line is accessible within the Safety Center of the app during active reservations, as well as the 24-hour period both before and after active reservations.

The Urgent Support Line follows the introduction of Airbnb’s Safety Center last year, which centralized key resources including one-touch Emergency Services contacts around the world and safety tips for hosts and guests to quickly find the tools they need in the rare event of an emergency.

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