Myra introduces booking app to ease homebuyers experience

Property developer, Myra, has introduced an online booking app to remove homebuyers’ hassle of purchasing a home especially for first-time buyers.

The company pivots their approach into three core pillars to ensure homebuyers have an easy-going journey;

1.      To have a personalised journey

2.      To give out full transparency

3.      To provide meaningful education

Myra wants to brand the company as an approachable brand for homebuyers. The company builds the brand around the company’s demographic.

“The demographic for Myra is very 1Malaysia-like as we cater to all Malaysians especially for those in the B40 and M40 group. Most of Myra’s properties are in the Greater Kuala Lumpur (KL) area except for one in Nilai but that is close to the Selangor border as well,” Head of Marketing and Branding, Ken Goh said.

Ken addresses the issues of homeownership in the online briefing as well. The issues with owning a home are a complicated process from the beginning to the handover stage.

Most new homebuyers would end up bumping into corners hoping for the best, but Myra wishes to educate new buyers by providing valuable information on any matters.

Lack of education and awareness on homeownership is also part of the problem. The jargons and terminologies are difficult to understand even to experienced homebuyers. 

“It is undeniable most youths in the country are financially unprepared to sum up a huge disposable amount to purchase a house. That is also an issue for young Malaysians in home ownership. It will be a bad surprise consisting of poor credit scores, unable to get a loan and unsure of hidden costs,” Ken added.

Lastly, the app main function is to reduce the messy and tedious process of homeownership as part of the issue is a large portion of the process is manual and mistakes are common. The inconvenience is real when losing important documents, forgetting passwords for vital details, and getting a credit report.

Ken highlighted that government initiatives, like the Home Ownership Campaign (HOC), Selangorku and the exemption of stamp duties in Malaysia will spur the property market even in the Covid-19 outbreak.

For homebuyers, every savings is essential in these trying times. So, the government’s initiatives made it easier for first time homebuyers to purchase their home as discussed in Myra’s online briefing.

“HOC and Selangorku definitely influences the decision-making for homebuyers to purchase properties at this time,” Ken said.

Currently, Myra’s projects covers parts of Selangor such as the Myra Putra in Putrajaya, Myra Meranti in Puchong, Myra Saujana in Sungai Merab and Myra Alam in Puncak Alam. They are now branching beyond Selangor’s territories with future projects in Melaka and Nilai.

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