Pharmaniaga selects Oracle’s SCM to improve Covid-19 vaccine distribution in Malaysia

Pharmaniaga x Oracle

Fusion Cloud Supply Chain and Manufacturing (SCM) developer,  Oracle has been chosen by Pharmaniaga to enhance the logistics processes for the Covid-19 vaccine distributions in Malaysia. Pharmaniaga will select the Oracle’s SCM as the main drive to execute the distribution process.

The company will provide Pharmaniaga the cloud-based logistics platform to automate manual processes, and improve the traceability and security of the cold chain services.

“Pharmaniaga needs to reduce manual processes to distribute the Covid-19 vaccine effectively by using Oracle Cloud SCM’s Logistics and IoT applications,” Abdul Malik Mohamed, Director of Logistics and Distribution of Pharmaniaga Berhad said.

Pharmaniaga can automate logistics planning and execution and improve efficiency by using Oracle Transportation Management.

Meanwhile, Oracle’s IoT Intelligent Applications can help monitor cargo temperature and vehicle routes to validate the quality of products and enhance security.

“The demand for the vaccine will create a cold chain complexity. Streamlining logistics processes and enhancing shipment tracking with Oracle Cloud SCM can enable Pharmaniaga to scale operations to support the immunisation of Malaysians,” Jasbir Singh, Vice President, Software as a Service (SaaS) of Oracle Malaysia added.

The vaccine will need to be distributed via a temperature-controlled cold chain, which are highly sensitive and require constant quality and condition checks. Compounding the issue, cold-chain logistics are particularly difficult in warmer climates, and with Malaysia sitting so close to the equator, this could pose a significant obstacle.

Technology, such as Oracle Internet of Things (IoT) Intelligent Applications can help monitor cargo temperature and vehicle routes to validate the quality of products and enhance security in real-time, especially since temperature is key to the quality of several vaccines. 

A chain of custody will need to be maintained from cradle-to-grave  to ensure a verifiable transcript of the vaccine’s lifecycle and journey. And traceability is a must, considering a long history of counterfeiting in pharmaceutical supply chains.

Considering the unprecedented demand for Covid-19 vaccinations, every dose will need to be tracked and verified to ensure counterfeits are not being delivered to vulnerable populations.

Blockchain offers a way to record transactions on a distributed ledger for security, transparency, and accuracy. To stop fraud, blockchain must go hand-in-hand with advanced technology such as an Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) driven supply chain, and IoT sensors and devices.


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