Sunway Researchers Listed In Top 2% Of Most-Cited Scientists In The World

The United States based-Stanford University has recently published a list representing the top 2% of the most-cited scientists in various disciplines from around the world.

Six scientists from Sunway University – Professor Sibrandes Poppema, Professor Edward Tiekink, Professor Saidur Rahman, Professor Mohamed Kheireddine, Professor Yau Kok Lim, and Associate Professor Dr Adarsh Kumar Pandey were named within the list.

President of Sunway University, Professor Sibrandes Poppema was listed in the subject category of immunology under the sub-field of oncology and carcinogenesis in clinical medicine. Over the years, he published over 240 articles on the topics relevant to Immunology, Haematology and Oncology, which were has been cited more than 18,500 times.

Professor Tiekink, Distinguished Professor and Head of Research Centre for Crystalline Materials (RCCM), School of Medical and Life Sciences was listed under the subject category for inorganic and nuclear chemistry under the sub-field of organic chemistry.

Research in the RCCM headed by Professor Tiekink pursues two key Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) themes, namely SDG No. 3 Good Health and Well-being and SDG No.13 Climate Action, on the development of novel therapeutics based on metal-based drugs – to face the global challenges of drug resistance to anti-microbials, the meet the needs of curing cancer and other diseases.

“I hope to utilise the state-of-the-art facilities at Sunway University to pursue all research efforts. We are excited with the development of the Sunway Medical School as well as translating the laboratory work into clinical studies,” shared Professor Tiekink.

Professor Saidur, Distinguished Research Professor and Head of Research Centre for Nanomaterials and Energy Technology, School of Engineering and Technology was ranked in the subject category of Energy under the sub-field of Mechanical Engineering & Transports.

Professor Kheireddine, who is the Associate Dean (Research) for the School of Engineering and Technology and Head of Research Centre for Carbon Dioxide Capture and Utilisation was listed in the subject category of chemical engineering.

Ranked in the subject category of artificial intelligence and image processing under sub-field of networking and telecommunications was Professor Yau from the Department of Computing and Information Technology, School of Engineering and Technology.

With the recognition, Professor Yau hopes to set up a research centre that facilitates and promotes interaction between local and international research scholars and industry to pursue academic excellence, as well as creating research opportunities for solving industrial world problems.

From the Research Centre for Nanomaterials and Energy Technology, School of Engineering and Technology, Associate Professor Dr Adarsh field of research focused on advanced energy storage materials, renewable energy technologies and nanomaterials.

Dr Adarsh believes the innovation in research is the main driver of the advancement of society. “With the recognition, I intend to bring forward my research by developing more efficient advanced energy storage materials, to provide a more efficient and affordable solar energy to society.

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