Amazon Web Service (AWS) Wants To Help Startups Run A Leaner Ecosystem

Digbijoy Shukla, Business Development Lead Startup Business Development ASEAN Amazon Web Services (AWS) has highlighted that more startups should integrate Amazon Web Services (AWS) into their e-commerce system. “The benefits of using the AWS cloud are mainly cost optimisation, improved performances, security, fault tolerance and service limits,” he said.

AWS offers full insight to assist businesses recover faster. With AWS, startups can go global and it can help the company’s growth as they expand. In terms of budgeting, AWS  alerts companies whenever company spending deviates from their set target. This allows companies to manage their budget and optimise cost.

“After deploying the AWS system into our e-commerce, we managed to safeguard our cost by 25 percent as compared to before AWS. Using the Cloudwatch monitoring, FashionValet also has access to a consolidated dashboard which allows it to analyse metrics at a glance to improve decision making,” Aien Zaini, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of FashionValet, said.

FashionValet (FV) a homegrown e-commerce fashion startup is one of the companies which migrated fully into AWS in 2019 as they scaled up their business. 

“These are great tools for startups out there and Fashion Valet (FV) is our real testimony.” Since 2019, FV has reduced monthly infrastructure spend of almost 50 percent with 75 percent less infra management. Overall, the company has improved their product development timeline by 200 percent,” Digbijoy added. 

The system guarantees business owners have visibility into their workload cost. Adding to it, AWS has been continually expanding its service to support virtually any cloud workload and ensure businesses are using the right cloud services for the right project. 


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