Customer B Awards UWC A Tester For Its 5G Product

Integrated engineering supporting services provider, UWC Berhad (UWC) has been awarded by Customer B to develop a tester for its 5G product.

Customer B is a technology company that helps enterprises, service providers and governments accelerate innovation to connect and secure the world.

UWC mentioned that the 5G tester will provide a measurement environment for characterising wireless and antenna system performance of devices at millimetre-wave frequencies. It will also provide performance, functional, and protocol testing of networks.

The tester is geared towards the automotive industry (vehicle-to-vehicle connectivity) and 5G smart devices like smartphones and tablets.

Additionally, UWC has been a strategic partner to Customer B in supporting the manufacturing of its test equipment which is en-route for mass production roll-out and all capital expenditure for this product will be financed internally by UWC.

“This new milestone continues to affirm our partner’s confidence in UWC’s capabilities and marks our ability in keeping up to trend in the development and manufacturing of new products for this fast-paced technology sector.

The development of 5G will continue to grow exponentially globally as technological advancement will need to rely on a strong network infrastructure. Therefore, we are very optimistic of the total addressable market for 5G,” UWC Executive Director and Group Chief Executive Officer (GCEO), Ng Chai Eng said.

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