Selangkah Unveils New Upgrades To The App, Users Can Now Access ‘Bubble’ Feature

Health app, Selangkah has unveiled an upgrade with its new ‘Bubble’ feature which allows users to check in together with their family members (dependents) for simplification. 

“As we progressed through the pandemic, we learned that people would prefer and widely adopt the more convenient option that’s offered to them,” said Selangkah founder and chief information officer Dr Helmi Zakariah.

On the Selangkah App, users can create their own Bubbles, which they can extend to include individuals from outside their households. This way, they can have more in-person social interactions with close friends, while still potentially limiting the risk of Covid-19 transmission.

“It doesn’t mean that you should go out and resume contact with everyone you know, but rather you commit to only hanging out with certain individuals. People can have their social connections in moderation, while the nation can have an economy that remains in motion,” added Dr Helmi.

A user can have three kinds of Bubble:

• Family – Comprises only family members

• Friends – Features the users’ closest pals

• Colleagues – Includes co-workers whom the user regularly hangs out with

Apart from group check-ins, Bubble can be used throughout the Selangkah ecosystem for group appointment for RTK/PCR screening test, home quarantine monitoring, and vaccination.

The second phase of Bubble feature roll-out will be powered by advanced analytics to measure personal and group behavioural exposure to Covid-19, aimed to prepare the nation for a long-haul and sustainable strategy.

Along with the new feature, the app has also announced an update where users will find that the home, scan and profile screens each have had a facelift.

The announcement panels at the top of the home screen are now clickable and has been enhanced to be more suitable for commercial promotions. 

A special WhatsApp button is added for users to chat with the Selangkah customer support team in case they require any assistance.

A button to access Selangkah Vax, where employers can enrol their workforce for Selangor’s Covid-19 vaccination program, is now available on the home screen. 

Selangkah developed an alternative in the form of a Progressive Web App (PWA). It is the exact replica of the Selangkah App in terms of functionality and appearance.

But instead of having to download from their respective app stores, users can access the PWA via the web browser on any mobile devices. All they have to do is visit and log in as usual. 

From their web browser, users can create a shortcut to the Selangkah PWA for easier access from their home screens. An icon will appear on their devices just like when a new mobile app is downloaded.

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