Allo Technology Partners With Seax Global Pte Ltd To Improve Transborder Digital Connectivity

Allo Technology Sdn. Bhd (Allo) has entered into a Joint Collaboration Agreement with Singapore’s SEAX Global Pte Ltd (SEAX)  to promote robust connectivity in Malaysia and neighboring countries.

Through this strategic alliance and infrastructure sharing, Allo and SEAX will be able to leverage each other’s existing infrastructure to provide faster and larger data transmission via a secure transborder terrestrial system.

“We are honored to join forces with an international company like SEAX in promoting robust connectivity and more offerings in Malaysia and neighboring countries, which contributes further to the backhaul of Allo National Fiberisation Plan’s coverage expansion. This is especially important now that digital transformation is on the rise, contributing to the digital economy of the countries,” Allo Chief Executive Officer Rodzi Ahmad said. 

The collaboration enables Allo to expand its resilient connectivity across the country via its Allo Carrier Network System (ACNS), with a total of 25.6Tbps from border to border (Thailand-Singapore) with highly advanced 600G Dens.

“Through the superhighway backbone, massive quantities of data can be transported securely over great distances. The network deployment delivers terabit capacity-on-demand in an easy-to-operate, highly compact form factor,” Rodzi added.

The ACNS is designed as a fully meshed network targeted to deliver up to 99.999 percent uptime, with multiple diverse routes of over 4,500 km on TNB’s grid infrastructure, making it the most robust transborder terrestrial system ever built.

With a scalable infrastructure, Allo is well-positioned to meet the demands of emerging technologies and services, making it ASEAN’s main connectivity hub.

“ACNS has landing points around peninsular Malaysia’s perimeter with two international gateway points from Thailand to Singapore. Thus, seamless connectivity for customers in the region is better facilitated through the collaboration of both companies that share the same mission,” Rodzi said. 

Meanwhile, SEAX Chief Executive Officer, Louis Teng commented, “We are very honoured to be able to form a strategic alliance with such a complementary partner like Allo. With the consolidation of our existing SEAX network infrastructure, we are now able to jointly deliver to our customers a well thought out integrated, coherent, and protected border-to-border network within Malaysia, Indonesia, and Singapore with greater economic benefits.”

SEAX Global anticipates a strong demand growth coming from mobile data users within Indo-China and optimistic the strategic partnership with Allo will enable SEAX to further strengthen its existing capabilities and offerings across partnerships and regions.

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