Japanese Godfather Of Street Culture Inspires These Limited Ghibli’s

Maserati and Hiroshi Fujiwara, the Japanese godfather of street culture, come together for a partnership that crosses geographical and disciplinary borders into the unexplored territories of audacity, in a realm beyond which music is embodied in the form of a car and rule-breaking is allowed. Born from this collaboration and presented in an exclusive global première in Tokyo, an artwork in the form of a melodic duet, Operanera and Operabianca, two contrasting evocations of a Special Edition of Maserati Ghibli.

The partnership is fruit of the capabilities of the Maserati Fuoriserie customisation program, which permits customers to create their own Maserati, tailored to their unique tastes. The car is more than a simple object, it becomes a tailor-made garment, to be proudly worn on the road and along the streets of the world as an extension of oneself, and a symbol of contemporary luxury.

Hiroshi Fujiwara is a revered trendsetter, a maverick. Pioneer/ of the streetwear culture of Tokyo in 1980s, he was one of the first DJs to import hip hop into the Land of the Rising Sun, and as a producer and musician he has worked with international recording stars.

As an visual artist he specialises in expressing aspects of the urban experience moods. Like Maserati, he has the ability to break down barriers and be audacious. In the spirit of, of the concept of “ITANJI”, a Japanese term signifying the coming together of Italian design and Japanese perfection, Operabianca and Operanera were born.

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