Fashionable Face Masks By Famous Designers

The pandemic has not only changed everyone’s life but also the fashion scenes. The new in-trend accessory is getting stylish face mask that makes a bold statement of your personality and outfit.

Celebrated fashion designers, from Bernard Chandran to Melinda Looi, among many others, shifted their fashion sense from couture to non-surgical, three-layered reusable cloth mask.

These masks look different — made of coloured or printed fabric, they were nothing close to the normal black, grey or white masks that we were initially buying. The branded masks are available in attractive designs, packaged at varying price range, as people began to opt for colourful designer masks to suit their fashion sense.

In fact, fashion brand Marine Serre debuted a collection of designer face masks at Paris Fashion Week, describing her work as “future wear”, reported Insider

Here are some of the stylish and fashionable face mask to look out for;

1. Bernard Chandran

Inspired by the colours that set the tone and mood in films, Bernard Chandran created these fashionable face masks in Deep Grass Green and Parisian Blue. Each washable woven face mask has a sleeve for disposable filters, needing only a 15g filter for optimum comfort and sufficient protection. It is also made with a slightly thicker fabric that’s been tailored to precise proportion for it to envelop your face.

photo Bernard Chandran

2. Melinda Looi

It’s limited-edition fabric masks that are vibrant with abstract designs so you can stay protected and stylish at the same time. Each mask has 3 layers and a filter pocket that can be filled with PM2.5 filter inserts. They also come with extra-long fabric straps so that you can adjust the mask according to your most comfortable fit. Melinda Looi also collaborated with Tom Abang Saufi in creating the #UnityMask collection, inspired by and dedicated to the Malaysian front-liners for their commitment and relentless hard work during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Photo: Melinda Looi

3. Jovian Mandagie

Jovian’s mask comes in multiple designs—velvet, monogrammed, embellished with crystals and more— Jovian’s masks are washable and stretchable for the perfect fit and protection.

Photo: Jovian Mandagie

4. The Batik Boutique

The traditional batik patterns are fashioned into gorgeous reusable masks that keep you protected from the COVID-19 virus. Each hand-painted mask is made of two layers of 100% cotton, with an envelope slit at the bottom for PPE filter. The elastic bands attached to the masks can also be fitted over your head for added comfort.

Photo: The Batik Boutique

5. Farah Khan

These stylish face masks with eye-catching prints and gorgeous detailing from Farah Khan’s New World Essentials collection also come with a complimentary face shield for double protection. 

Photo: Farah Khan

6. Lisa Von Tang

This Singaporean designer brings luxurious comfort to her face masks. The fashionable mask is crafted out of 100 percent Satin Silk and lined with pure 100 percent Egyptian Cotton. these face masks not only boast incredible softness against the skin, but also sport a contoured cut for a comfortable, flattering fit. The masks come in many options with 100 percent silk colours (Danger Red, Sangria, Olive, Rebel, Angel, Scarlet, Washed Indigo, Tomato Red, Cobalt Blue, Teal, and Fuchsia, one black Polysilk, and a grey in upcycled natural linen.

Photo: Lisa Von Tang

7. Masaba Gupta

Indian Designer Masaba Gupta’s namesake label comes with its own revolutionary quirks. Her designs are fierce, bold and the strength of their design lie in its unique colour and silhouette sensibility that marry Indian and modern in a perfect mix. The unisex reusable double layered cloth masks are made of crepe, which provides better protection than other single layered knitted/cotton masks. These are significantly more breathable than double layered masks. The masks fit perfectly for all face sizes, without any side or top gaps.

Photo: Masaba Gupta

8. Cassey Gan

Malaysian Designer Cassey Gan’s design feature the colourful and quirky designs that marks her signature style. These stylish CG masks will brighten any outfit. It is 100 percent cotton masks with pockets for filter insertion are as pretty as they are practical. The print placement for these made-to-order pieces is unique and no two are the same.

Photo: Cassey Gan

9. Supercrew

For something edgier, opt for Supercrew’s reversable face mask in denim. Have it your way and wear it with their thunderbolt logo facing out or the other way round for a simpler look. The mask is also available in lightweight cotton with different camo prints on both sides. 

Photo: Supercrew

10. Khoon Hooi

Malaysian Designer Khoon Hooi has also launched a series of structured reusable face masks, made out of upcycled fabrics and motifs from the brand’s archives. You can definitely expect some glamorous-looking ones. For those who prefer a plain and minimal style, check out the Sutherland series of face masks. The brand’s face masks have a dual-layer protection and has an opening for you to include a disposable filter. 

Photo Khoon Ho
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