Digi Edges Out Maxis As Fastest Mobile Speed Provider

Ookla an independent global internet speed testing and analysis service provider has just released its March to June fixed and mobile speed result for Malaysia and another 36 markets. The market analyses identifies key data about internet performance in countries across the world.

This quarter Ookla provided updated analyses which includes details on fastest mobile and fixed broadband providers, performance of most popular devices and chipsets and internet speeds in cities. For the 3 months of pandemic and MCO state of period, Malaysians were stuck at home and were pushing their network providers infrastructure to the limit. There were those who coped up with the onslaught while some succumbed, based on the Speedtest Intelligence data, TIME was the fastest fixed broadband provider in Malaysia, earning a Speed Score of 116.36. It also achieved the highest Consistency Score (86.7%).

As for the mobile network service, Digi has managed to edge out Maxis for the fastest mobile provider, earning a Speed Score of 30.20 versus Maxis’ 29.92. A close race, but Maxis has been aggressive in its 4G infrastructure roll out claiming to have the best network in the country, this result will be a bane in its efforts. Digi on the other hand will be cheering on coming top of the pack, this also bodes well with analyst watching the telco who just agreed terms for a merger with Celcom.

U Mobile also has something to celebrate, it came in third at 27.40 ahead of Celcom which clocked in at 24.91 which Unifi was a mere 13.75. Malaysian telecommunication providers have been directed by MCMC to ramp up their coverage and speeds under the Jendela Program, however there are still issues plaguing this initiative. With 3G band set for a shut down by end of the year, operators are racing to fill all the potential void the shutdown could cause including redundancy of older devices.

Speaking of devices, Ookla’s report has included devices that perform fast downloads in Malaysia, this time Apple earned the top spot as Malaysia’s Fastest Device Manufacturer achieving a mean download speed of 34.22 Mbps. Samsung was second at 28.77 Mbps and Huawei third at 27.68 Mbps. For boradband speed among the country’s most populous cities, Nusajaya had the fastest mean fixed broadband speed during achieving 125.88 Mbps download and 81.29 Mbps upload. Petaling Jaya was second, achieving 122.91 Mbps download and 82.56 Mbps upload. Nusajaya also had the fastest mean mobile download speed at 38.51 Mbps.

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