Businesses Report Brisk Sales As EMCO Is Lifted

Most of parts of Selangor will now move in Phase 1 of the National Recovery Plan after 2 weeks of strict EMCO conditions were most retails and shops were prohibited to open. This would mean services like workshops, and stores like hardware and laundry services (including self-service) are now allowed to operate.

While technically the state is still under MCO the standard operating procedures will still apply, shops will have to close by 8pm and dining-in is not permitted. These premises like eateries, restaurants and roadside stalls are however allowed to open from 6am to 10pm.

Shops like baby goods stores, eyewear, pharmacies, supermarkets and animal clinics were all in operation during the EMCO but some were reluctant to open but with the lifting nearly all have resumed operation. But its the workshops that are seeing brisk business, all forms of vehicles are piling up at these centers from changing tires to full service with store managers having a hard time to control the pile up. But many question the rational behind keeping these centres closed in the first place.

MITI was already inundated with comments and messages when workshops were not permitted to open during EMCO while selected industries got the green light to operate. Ride hailers and food delivery providers were also baffled with the decision of not allowing workshops to open when their vehicles were an important tool for their jobs. when asked MITI simply passed the buck to the Domestic Trade Ministry as the issue is apparently under their purview. Experts have often called for more clarity and properly planned guidelines when deciding which industry to open and which to close. As one workshop owner retorted, “you don’t see big crowd standing to watch a tire change”, however he was glad that business can continue again.

The lifting will also see now two people from each household allowed in one car while travel is still limited to a radius of 10km from the place of residence to buy food, basic necessities. Three people in one car for treatment, vaccinations or medical emergencies. 20 per cent of civil servants are allowed to work in offices while 60 per cent for private-sector workers. Jogging and non-contact sports activities are allowed from 7am to 8pm. Petrol stations are open from 6am to 8pm, while stations on the highway may operate 24 hours.

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