Walk In Vaccination in KV Kicks Off Aug 2, Here’s What You Need To Know

Based on statements released by Ministry of Science and Technology the walk-in vaccination program will kick start in August 2 which is aimed at accelerating the immunisation activity and achieving the targeted herd immunity by October.

MOSTI Minister Khairy Jamaluddin who is also the Coordinating Chairman for the National Covid-19 Immunisation Program had said the walk-in’s will begin as soon as the Surge Capacity drive ends in July. There has been confusion with the term used, whereby the public assumed anyone could walk into any vaccination centre and be able to receive their jabs.

However, the Minister has clarified before anyone plans to take this approach to check if they first qualify based on these criteria’s.

Firstly, the walk-in vaccination operation will be opened according to category, starting with those aged above 40 and the group with comorbidities. Only after August 5 it will open it to all aged above 18. The full details and methods has yet to be announced by the Covid-19 Immunisation Task Force to which it had said will be very soon.

Before WhatsApping to friends about the ‘walk-ins’ be reminded that not all PPV’s would accept individuals, the task force has identified selected venue for this purpose. There has been cases due to misinformation certain PPV’s saw large crowd and unnecessary queues. Lets keep it authentic and not spread fake news.

On the selected venues, CITF will announce the list of PPVs and BusinessToday will update this post once the list is published. For those seeking to check which centres are dispersing what type of vaccines, Khairy has advised not to speculate as there is no predesignated vaccine to a certain PPV. The vaccines are allocated based on batches and availability of stocks, recently Malaysia received additional Astra Zeneca doses from Saudi Arabia, keeping our supply well in check.

As there will be no appointment required the administering of vaccines through the walk-in process would be on a ‘first-come first-served’ basis depending on the capacity of the PPV concerned. To avoid congesting, the public will be informed on the capacity for the walk-in vaccination on any given day. For those who turned up and could not get vaccinated would be given priority to get their jabs the next day.

Do take note, the walk-in vaccination in Klang Valley is only for those who have yet to get their appointments, have cancelled their appointments or have yet to register for vaccination. This program is designed to cover all community who could have missed out on the registration of have issues with the app, to date there are still 12 million Malaysian who have yet to register.

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