5 Amazing Restaurants To Order For Special Celebrations

Zenzero's Italian Cuisine

Celebrations, be it a birthday, anniversary or simply throwing a party use to be a norm but these days we spend most of our time in the sanctuary of our home.

But with a little ingenuity and some creative use of online ordering, celebrating during these strange times can still tick almost all of the boxes, from having a cake to drinking wine and enjoying your favourite food.

Now more than ever it is important to celebrate and keep special traditions alive while maintaining norms of lockdown and social distancing.

Sweat not, instead of celebrating at your favourite restaurant, you can have the same meal that you enjoy delivered right to your doorstep. Be it a good Italian food or local delicacy or fusion food, we got you covered on some good takeout to source out on your next celebration or even just to enjoy a good meal with family and friends.

So, here’s our pick of the best food takeout out there for special occasions.

Zenzero Restaurant & Wine Bar

If you are looking to be transported to Italy, you have come to the right place. Zenzero Restaurant & Wine Bar packs a no frills Italian cuisine.

The food is enhanced by the aroma of authentic and refined Italian food, all carefully prepared by Italian chefs. Since Malaysia is under lockdown, the restaurant has prepared a set menu for take-outs to be enjoyed at home.

The menu offering both the freshest possible ingredients and a variety of culinary creations to delight and inspire Italian food lovers.

Perfect for celebrations at home, the menu consists of starter, main course and desserts to indulge.

For starters, you can choose from Insalatona or Bresaola with Buffalo Mozzarella or Organic Roasted Mixed Vegetables.

As for the main course you can choose Baked Ravioli which is Ricotta & Spinach Ravioli with bechamel, black truffle paste and buffalo mozzarella. It doesn’t just sound amazing but tastes amazing as well. Other choices are Fish and Seafood Stew in Foil Packs, Chicken Roulade, Lamb Stew or Slow Braised Black Angus Beef Cheeks to choose from.

As for dessert, its Puff Pastry Cannoli & Homemade Cookies. I got to say this, the Cannoli is one of the best that I have tasted. The ricotta filing was just perfect and the cookies was light on the palate after having the Cannoli.

Overall, a satisfying food adventure that you just got to try for a celebration of 2 to 3 people.

For more information check out https://www.zenzerogroup.com

Sago KL

Sago specialises in a tropical dining experience. The dishes are inspired by local favourites and each dish is specially curated and portioned for 4-5 people to share. Sago specialises in claypot dishes that are cooked and served in claypots.

The claypots are sealed with a dough seal and baked before being sent out, so that the food remains warm and lovely.

The dishes are beautifully plated as you would receive in a restaurant, ready to unbox and serve, complete with food tags that explains the dish. You even have the option of adding on gift cards or packs of biodegradable plates and cutlery. 

A standout menu was the Gunda Gunda Rice. A fusion dish of Nasi Lemak with a twist. It comes with a decadent steamed coconut rice in a mixture of Sago made sambals, with wild Tawau prawns braised in a serai infused sauce, crunchy anchovies, mussels, and sliced avocado. It also comes separately with crunchy peanuts and crispy ikan bilis. It simply couldn’t get any better. It was flavourful and delicious.

The hearty meal can be easily shared by 4 to 5 people. Other menu includes Lamb Fried Rice, Paneer & Eggplant Rice, Claypot Goat Pulao, Claypot Cashew Roasted Chicken, Mee Mamak Hipster, Umami Mushroom Soba and lots more.

For more extensive menu and information check out http://sagocatering.oddle.me


A modern eatery tucked away in Subang creates genuine western, local and fusion cuisine.

Rata is known to create delicious, inventive and adventurous food from scratch by restaurant owner Chef Vic.

Rata also makes its own pizzas. Chef Vic is known to make his own version of pizza with a local twist. One of which is the Chilli Chicken and Pineapple Pizza. A local take on the classic Hawaiian Pizza, this version sees percik chicken, percik sauce and pineapples atop crusty pizza dough in what can only be said an explosion of flavours.

One of the favourite dishes in the menu is the Mushroom Arancini which is made with roasted wild mushrooms and risotto rice balls and stuffed with mozzarella cheese that goes well with pesto aioli and parmesan.

Other dishes for takeout are Jerk Chicken Wings which are overnight marinated with homemade Jamaican jerk rub barbecued over chargrill and Pesto Conchiglie Pasta that comes with generous grating of parmesan.

As for dessert, you should try the Apple Crumble Cheesecake. Made with homemade apple & cinnamon jam, the cake is layered between a generous cream cheese batter with vanilla paste over buttery biscuit base. Then it is baked with more crunchy crumbles and apple jam. Now that hits all the right favourite nostalgic notes of cheese cake and apple crumble.

For more extensive menu and information check out https://ratarestaurant.beepit.com/ordering/?type=delivery


Manja has incredibly unique one-of-a kind dishes. It takes inspiration from local flavours but add its own unique twist to each dish. The dishes are generously portioned individual dishes, so it is possible to order a variety of dishes for a last-minute gathering.

What is more interesting is that Manja has also put together Date Night boxes. With lockdown in place, it’s time to think out of the box. You can now send your loved one a 3-course meal.

Choose between 2 different starters and 3 different main courses. Add a bottle of wine and simply enjoy a romantic lockdown date night, together or over Zoom. 

Starting with Appetiser, you can choose Watermelon Ceviche with Coconut Tartare or Curry Leaf Portobello. As for the Main Course, its KG. Chicken & Egg or Vegan Steak & Chive Salsa or Tamarind Chili Mustard Barramundi.

Lastly for dessert, it is sweet Jaggery Rice Churros to end your sweet tooth craving.

For more extensive menu and information check out http://manjakl.oddle.me

Big Boyz Barbeque

Missing barbeque with friends and family, well Big Boyz Barbeque is all about good American style food.

The Big Boyz focus on American Style Roasts, Bakes and more. These are simply classic comfort foods that you can enjoy. Let the professional do the grilling and just sit back and have some good chicken roasts which are brined overnight and are known for the flavour and juiciness.

Big Boyz also have sets already curated for groups of 4-5 people. These dishes are hearty and handmade without any artificial flavourings or preservatives. The dishes come in easy to reheat containers complete with re-heating instructions for a warm meal.

Other comfort food includes Potato Gratin, Green Salad, Linguine Aglio Olio, Moroccan Lamb Lasagna, Guacamole & Chips, Grilled Chili Mushroom Focaccia and many more.

For more extensive menu and information check out http://bigboyzpreorder.oddle.me

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