Best Mooncakes In Town For 2021 Mid-Autumn Festival

This year’s Mid-Autumn Festival falls on September 21 and no celebration is complete without mooncakes and lanterns to enjoy the season. Most hotels have come up with exquisite flavours and creative packaging for this year’s joyous occasion.

Mooncakes aren’t just for a sweet indulgence; they also count as stunning gifts to your loved ones.

Traditional mooncakes have sweet fillings, either lotus seeds or red bean paste. These days, most hotels create using a variety of ingredients, with some rather inventive creations. 

Here is the delicious selection of mooncakes with creative packaging for this season. 

Harry Potter Mooncake by Awfully Chocolate 

Singapore’s finest Mid-Autumn flavours pair with the magic of the Wizarding World. Awfully Chocolate partnered with Warner Bros to create the world’s first official Harry Potter inspired mooncakes.

The collection features four mooncakes housed majestically in a vintage red velvet suitcase embossed with the Hogwarts emblem. The creatively flavoured mooncakes come in red, green, yellow, and blue tins that each represent a Hogwarts House.

The mooncakes are to be released in Singapore & Malaysia. It is exquisitely packaged in an oversized vintage red velvet chest bearing elegant touches of bespoke antique gold accents.

Also discover their Mid-Autumn treasure trove of vibrant flavours with their unique specialty Chocolate Truffle Mooncakes, as well as their collection of Classic Baked Mooncakes, which is home to their signature The Original Mooncake and other favourite classical flavours. These delicious mooncakes come in individual hand-brushed silver tins with bamboo lids and golden sporks. Each solid wooden mooncake chest comes in an elegant suede-finish bag.

To order, WhatsApp +6017 773 3503. They offer delivery in Klang Vallely, Penang and Johor. Check out their website at for more information.

Mid-Autumn Flavours by Sheraton Petaling Jaya Hotel

As mooncakes becomes creative in flavours, for those looking to get a different fix this year can look forward to Sheraton Petaling Jaya’s limited edition snow skin mooncakes. These soft, homemade snow skin comes in four distinctive flavours: Ginger with Chocolate, Chitose Strawberry with White Chocolate, Green Tea and Yuzu.

The mooncakes come in an attractive collector’s box that steals the limelight from the mooncakes. Presented in stylish Pink Blossom, Orange Sapphire or Moonstone Treasure, it is a beautiful addition for keeping your priced jewelleries. The top part of the box is a tissue dispenser that fits well in any dresser.

The pastel-coloured snow skin mooncakes are freshly made by the hotel’s chefs using premium ingredients, such as the Valrhona cocoa powder to achieve the luscious and delectable centres.

The hotel also has traditional baked mooncakes like Baked Pure Lotus Paste, Baked Red Bean Paste, Baked White Lotus Paste with Single Yolk, and Baked Pandan Paste with Single Yolk for those who love the classic mooncakes.

To order, call +603 7622 8888, WhatsApp +6017 228 6098 or email [email protected]. Visit to purchase.

Mooncake Trunks by The St Regis Kuala Lumpur

The St. Regis Kuala Lumpur’s exquisite mooncake trunks take inspiration from the Founder, John Jacob Astor’s love for travel. The hotel features two exquisite mooncake trunks this year – the Classic Trunk and a Limited-Edition Swarovski® Super Mooncake Trunk.

Each Classic Trunk is designed to fit from four, up to eight classic mooncakes in an elegantly encased faux-leather trunk ornamented with rose gold studs and clasp whilst each Swarovski® Super Mooncake Trunk is embellished with 307 finely selected Silk and Silk Shimmer Swarovski® crystals.

The Classic Trunk comes with Lotus Seed Paste Single Yolk mooncakes made with the finest ingredients. You can choose between a set of four mooncakes (RM200+) or eight (RM388+). The Swarovski Trunk comes with one magnificent 6.5″ Prosperity Mooncake with Eight Yolks, and is priced at RM438+.

To order, call +603 2727 6696 or email [email protected].

Celestial Moon by The Westin Kuala Lumpur

Westin KL introduces the Celestial Moon for this year’s celebration. This premium box is customized based on the concept of the moon rabbit traveling through its Celestial like palace. The packaging comes in a blend of black and gold combination, with its quilted leather and layered art effects. You could later use it as a stylish light traveling case after the Mid-Autumn Festival.

The hotel proudly features amazing flavours from Creamy Milk Tea and Chocolate to Golden Emerald, and beyond where you’re spoiled with choices. This premium (halal-certified) box, is a beautiful treat for this festival.

The celebration is about family members eating dinner together, just like a thanksgiving dinner, sharing mooncakes and worshiping the moon with gifts.

To order, call Westin Dining at +603-27738015, WhatsApp +6012-3051715, or email [email protected]

Signature Boxes by Shangri-La Kuala Lumpur

Shangri-La Kuala Lumpur introduces a host of flavours for its’ Over The Moon mid-autumn 2021 campaign, including exciting offerings like Ping Pei with chocolate orange and nut, musang king options as well as a bird’s nest gift box.

The Mid-Autumn Festival is not complete without the baked mooncake varieties we’ve come to love for generations. Traditional options include the Red Bean Paste, Lotus Seed Paste with Single or Double Yolk, White Lotus Seed Paste with or without Yolk, Assorted Nuts & Sun-Dried Fruits alongside the latest creation, a healthy alternative of Spirulina Lotus Paste.

And on top of all the exciting tastes, the hotel also offers special privileges and discounts to members who place a certain number of orders.

For more information or to order, contact +603 2074 3900 or WhatsApp +019 390 2257.

Inside Scoop’s Ice Cream Mooncakes

Indulge in ice cream cakes that are intricately designed to look like mooncakes. Local artisanal ice cream chain, Inside Scoop has introduced four ice cream combinations for this Mid-Autumn Festival:

Chocolate Orange Pop

A big hit last Chinese New Year, Inside Scoop brings back Choc Orange Firecracker ice cream made with 70% Belgian dark chocolate with popping candy, paired with an orange jam centre. A flavour that makes your tastebuds dance! Literally.


Inside Scoop’s timeless favourite! Made to look like the real thing, their Durian ice cream is wrapped with green snow skin, with chocolate ganache yolk to resemble durian seed!

Peanut Sesame

Just like Yin & Yang, the velvety peanut ice cream is dotted with black sesame ganache centre. Made with caramel chocolate shell, this mooncake sits on a feuilletine base.


As magical as it gets, Unicorn features a refreshing combo of raspberry yoghurt and blue pea flower ice cream. It comes with a tangy raspberry jelly centre, wrapped with dreamy white snow skin!

Available in 2-piece and 4-piece mooncake boxes, Inside Scoop’s ice cream mooncake will be available online at

Beside mooncakes, there are some new local flavours like Cempedak, Teh Tarik, Apam Balik and Malted Chocolate that brings out the nostalgic feelings out of you.

True to its reputation of artisanal ice cream maker, the new flavours tastes amazing and you can’t get enough of it.

Ice Cream Bar’s Mooncakes

The Ice Cream Bar, a homegrown artisanal alcoholic ice creamery is putting an unconventional yet contemporary twist on tradition. Shooting for the moon this year, The Ice Cream Bar is offering premium handcrafted alcoholic ice cream mooncakes specially for this occasion.

The dedicated team handcrafts each mooncake in a delicate snowskin with the utmost detail to perfection. True to their philosophy of using only the best ingredients available, these mooncakes are made with authentic Captain Morgan Original Spiced Gold rum and Baileys Original Irish Cream for a balanced yet boozy kick.


The Ice Cream Bar’s timeless and nostalgic Rum and Raisin ice cream sits on a hazelnut feuilletine base, enrobed with, and juxtaposed against a black charcoal snowskin. At the center lies a dense rum-soaked raisin jam that lends an intense burst of that unmistakable rum raisin flavour.

Full Moon

The best-selling Baileys Brownies ice cream is draped in a delicate layer of white snowskin. A decadent chocolate ganache encased in a white chocolate truffle shell sits in the middle, taking the place of the traditional salted egg yolk.

The mooncake ice cream is simply delicious and beautifully crafted with the best ingredients and mixture to appease every taste bud there is.

Together, these two mooncakes make for a perfect pairing that’s simply out of this world. Neatly packaged in a premium box, each box also comes with a complimentary set of premium metal cutlery and a reusable cooler bag.

Available in an exclusive 2-piece box, limited quantities of The Ice Cream Bar’s alcoholic ice cream mooncakes will be available online at

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