Nestcon and Hatten Jump On Solar Bandwagon

With interest on solar gaining much traction in the country, it seems players from different sectors are keen too ride the boom instead of just the panel suppliers. Nestcon Berhad which primarily is involved in properties is joining hands with another developer based in Melaka on solar photovoltaic opportunities.

The partnership will involve on areas such as to secure, supply, construct, develop and manage solar turnkey PV projects n Malaysia. As a start, they will installing 6,373 solar panels with cumulative system size to generate up to 3.19 megawatt-peak (“MWp”) at the Melaka Megamall in Melaka. Similar projects are in the works at other commercial properties owned or managed by Hatten and its related corporations.

At the same time, NSS and HCM will be exploring strategic collaboration with more potential partners that could accelerate its venture in the solar industry, which includes expanding into building large-scale solar PV facilities to generate about 100 MWp in phases by utilising and/or securing the current and future land reserve in Malaysia.

Hattens expansive presence in the property development sector, will add value to the partnership will allow the both to establish a footing in the renewable energy industry. Whereas Nestcon is also exploring for other opportunities within the renewable energy industry such as hydro projects.


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