BloomThis Expands Warehouse Amid Economic Recline

BloomThis, the on-demand and market leader in the flower gifting industry has moved its operations into a 40,000 square feet warehouse, despite the challenges posed by the many stages of Movement Control Order (MCO). 

A feat considering the challenges the lockdowns have posed to most businesses, the expansion marks a significant milestone for BloomThis as an on-demand gifting e-commerce business.

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of BloomThis Giden Lim says, “The warehouse marks how far BloomThis has come as a business from where we first started. It is our hopes and dreams to continue growing while creating moments of happiness with the power of gifting.”

Lim adds, “At BloomThis, we ensure each gift item is of luxurious design and uses premium flowers by leveraging technology to operational excellence and gifting experience in order to provide the finest experience and values to our customers. 

“This year has been a very challenging year for us. We are very grateful that despite the challenges we faced during the MCO, BloomThis was still able to double our growth, expand our team and do our part to contribute to the gig economy by offering more than a thousand delivery and freelancer jobs every month.”

Integrating technology with gifting experience in innovation paired with creativity and resilience and has contributed to the expansion of BloomThis, leading to the opening of their warehouse that is located in Petaling Jaya, the company says.

The warehouse consists of a few cold rooms to store fresh flowers, a deep freezer room to store ice cream as well as other space to store non-flower items such as wines and collaboration items with other local and international brands. 

The depository is also used for every BloomThis’ operation, from management to storage as well as the office of the management team, leading to smoother operations of the business.  

As an operations-heavy business, BloomThis ensures that every aspect of the business has a technological component to it to provide smooth operations and ultimately provide its customers with the finest experience. 

With a wide array of luxurious gifts and sets being offered to customers, BloomThis warehouse is also expected to drive productivity and sales, making it easier to integrate and cater to a larger number of orders and deliveries of flowers.  

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