Govt To Rebrand TVET, Shed Reputation As Second Class Education

When it comes to the education system in Malaysia, there is the Ministry of Education which oversees all primary and high school studies and then there is the Ministry of Higher Education which looks after Colleges, Universities, and other higher learning institutions then there is the Ministry of Human Resources that is in charge of TVET, which is often neglected.

TVET or Technical Vocational Education and Training is usually associated with students who can’t progress academically, dropouts, or those who failed SPM. Courses that are linked to TVET are automotive mechanics, hairstylists, and other skills-related jobs, which is not entirely true. As of today, this has completely changed, now TVET courses include IR4.0, robotics, logistics, transportation, culinary, and many other highly sought-after careers.

In order to shed its misled reputation, the Government has decided to give TVET a new branding and promotion campaign to change the perception of the education courses provided by the Human Resources Ministry. Prime Minister Ismail Sabri during his chairing of the National TVET Council Meeting said comprehensive efforts need to be done to eliminate the perception that TVET is a second-class education. Which here at BusinessToday think, it’s about time!

The move will shine new light on graduates who enter the working world and will also at the same give conviction for those who seek to embark on learning skills in TVET. Malaysia is suffering deeply in talent resources in areas of mechanical, manufacturing, technical and automotive industry, despite these being modernised and highly digital with high paying salaries, many youths (or their parents) are reluctant to join due to perception.

However, in developed nations like Germany and US, skilled workers in these fields are much sought after with some earning higher salaries than doctors.

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