Guinea And Malaysia Sign MoU For Sustainable Development

Guinea’s Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development and the Malaysian Green Technology and Climate Change Corporation (MGTC) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to cooperate in the development and promotion of renewable energy, waste management, and green jobs.

The cooperation was formed in line with Guinea’s pursuit for sustainable development by fully leveraging its vast sources of renewable energy and in recognition of the market potential of renewable energy recovery, waste management, and green jobs creation.

The MoU was signed by the National Director of Pollution, Nuisances and Climate Change, Guinea Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development,  Bangaly Dioumessi, and MGTC Chief Executive Officer Ts. Shamsul Bahar Mohd Nor.

The MoU document exchange took place during the Guinea Business Forum in Expo 2020 Dubai. Chief of Cabinet of the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development  Dr. Karim Samoura represented Guinea Minister of Environment and Sustainable Development, Her Excellency Louopou Lamah, while Ambassador of Malaysia to the UAE, His Excellency Dato’ Mohd Tarid Sufian, exchanged the document on behalf of MGTC. 

Guinea Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development’s role is to design, elaborate, and implement its Government’s policy in the fields of environment and sustainable development and to oversee them.

The cooperation will enable Guinea to tap into Malaysia’s skills and capabilities in the areas of renewable energy, waste management, and the promotion and development of green jobs.

MGTC CEO Ts. Shamsul Bahar Mohd Nor said, “Our collaboration with Guinea will strengthen and promote our respective goals in delivering solutions in combating climate change, as well as support and enhance our planetary health and green growth.

“The opportunity to exchange expertise and best practices in sustainable development is in line with MGTC’s objectives and will help to grow our global footprint in promoting green economy.”

Chief of Cabinet of Guinea Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development  Dr. Karim Samoura said, “The Minister views this collaboration with great importance as we are keen to collaborate with Malaysia to promote our country’s uptake of renewable energy and management of wastewater, aside from boosting employment for youths in green jobs. 

“Apart from the areas of water and recycling of electronic equipment, this is the basis of collaborations that we look for. Our country’s priority is also to find a mechanism to develop carbon credits and perhaps this can be the next area to look forward to.” 

Under the MoU, the cooperation will involve renewable energy encompassing  solar energy; wind energy; hydraulic power (hydroelectric and motive tide), biomass, and green hydrogen. It also extends to the development of policies for the management of wastewater from industry and technical assistance for the recycling of electronic equipment. 

Meanwhile, both parties will also cooperate in promoting and developing green jobs including providing technical assistance to implement an entrepreneurship programme and a renewable energy training programme, as well as support the development of policies to encourage sustainable forest ecosystems. 

Both parties will also engage in knowledge transfer throughout the course of the cooperation.

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