Energy-Efficient, New Millennium Welt Dealership Opened in the Northern Area of KL

Millennium Welt, a dealership representative of the BMW brand in Malaysia has opened its first dealership in the Klang Valley with its Kuala Lumpur North outlet, serving as a full-suite Sales, Services, Spare Parts and Systems (4S) dealership for the brand BMW as well as BMW Premium Selection (BPS).

“We are also especially pleased that Millennium Welt is embodying the same commitment to sustainable mobility, incorporating responsible alternatives to energy generation and providing greater access to charging infrastructure in such a high-traffic urban location. Their progressive approach to sustainability will go a long way in instilling confidence for an electric future in the years to come, inspiring many along the way,” Hans de Visser, Managing Director of BMW Group Malaysia said.

As part of the organisation’s efforts in championing sustainability, Millennium Welt Kuala Lumpur North is equipped with 192 units of 96kWp solar PV panels, capable of generating over 123,700 kWh of energy to power the space. By using micro-inverters to convert direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC) on their rooftops safely and efficiently, Millennium Welt will save up to RM4,900 a month on energy, and reduce up to 86 tonnes of carbon emission annually. Electric vehicle (EV) owners visiting the space will also be able to utilise AC/DC charging for their EVs at the customer parking area.

“Having been an authorised BMW dealer for over nine years now, we are proud to welcome our first and most energy-efficient dealership in Kuala Lumpur. We are supporting the low-carbon mobility and electrification ambitions of the BMW Group worldwide which is the main reason we are investing in ensuring that we significantly reduce our carbon footprint where possible. With the support of our strong customer base, we have also set ambitious targets for Millennium Welt to deliver 2,400 vehicles across the BMW, MINI, MINI Next, BMW Motorrad and BMW Premium Selection brands this year across all our network touch-points,” Bryan Wong, Managing Director of Millennium Welt said.

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