JF Tech Appoints New CEO

With the resignation of Chief Executive Office Mr. Dillon Atma Singh in March, JF Tech has now confirmed the appointment of Mr Lee Eng Kiat as the new CEO.

Mr. Lee Eng Kiat started his career in November 2008 as a Mechanical Design Engineer in JF Technology Berhad and held several positions in the company over the last fourteen years. He was in various departments including Design Coordinator, Personal Assistant to the Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director, Section Head – Tools and Equipment, Production Manager and Group Manufacturing Manager.

He was involved in product and manufacturing technology development, manufacturing capacity expansion, the implementation of kaizen and lean manufacturing programmes and the enforcement of government regulations in these responsibilities. In his previous capacity as a Group Manufacturing Manager, he was primarily responsible for overseeing the end-to-end assembling and manufacturing value chain of the JF Tech Group’s operations.

His Direct interests in JF Tech are 1,778,200 Ordinary Shares and 922,600 Warrants.

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