Here’s Our Best eWallet Choice For ePemula Claims

With youths all over the country rushing to claim their RM 150 through the ePemula scheme, it certainly is confusing deciding on which platform you should claim it from.

To make your life easier, we have come up with a list of what is offered additionally on Grab, Shopee, and Touch ‘n Go eWallet and what we think is the best platform you should go for!


  • RM 150 ePemula
  • GrabFood vouchers worth up to RM 150
  • Vouchers from Grab partners worth up to RM 60


  • RM 150 ePemula
  • ShopeeFood delivery and food discount vouchers worth up to RM 150
  • Shopee cashback vouchers worth up to RM 90
  • Shopee Mall brand vouchers worth up to RM 50
  • Free Yes sim card and free mobile data vouchers worth up to RM 50
  • Siswa Mall vouchers worth up to RM 200

Touch ‘n Go eWallet

  • RM 150 ePemula
  • RM 200 worth of bundled cashback vouchers
  • AliPay+ rewards worth up to RM100


  • RM 150 ePemula
  • Vouchers worth up to RM 1500 from their partner Pulse iD

It looks like you would get a whole lot of free vouchers on all platforms right? But do be careful as a lot of these vouchers come with a ridiculous time frame of about two days or so (yes we’re talking about you Grab). That is just preposterous!

If you think the best choice is claiming your ePemula on Shopee, you might be wrong. Shopee might be offering the most discount and cashback vouchers but everything isn’t all sunshine and roses.

Unfortunately, you CANNOT buy anything on the Shopee app itself but instead can only use it as an eWallet to pay for items at physical stores and merchants (and to think that we’re living in a country moving towards digitalisation).

So let’s cut to the chase, there’s no doubt that Touch ‘n Go is the best place to claim your ePemula at this point. A lot of stores now do accept payment via the Touch ‘n Go eWallet, so it is definitely more convenient.

Make sure to claim yours now before it is too late!

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