55.12% of 402 Poultry Companies Profitable But 30 Companies Filed Losses Greater Than RM1 Million

According to a survey carried out by the Malaysia Global Business Forum (MGBF) on the Malaysia Poultry Ecosystem said that out of the 402 poultry companies that filed financial data in the last 12 months, 55.12 % were profitable while 30 companies that filed losses greater than RM1 million.

The report by Malaysia Global Business Forum (MGBF) titled ‘Malaysia’s Poultry Ecosystem: An Analysis of Business Data’ extrapolated data from a total of 3,724 registered business entities with self-declared business activities in poultry and to gain deeper insights, the report focused on 627 companies

MGBF Founding Chairman, Nordin Abdullah, said in a press release that “Domestic and foreign investors are increasingly making data-driven investment decisions. For Malaysia to be competitive in the context of the global economy, reliable and up-to-date business intelligence needs to be accessible.

“The largest stakeholder and custodian of business data is the government of Malaysia. There is an identified requirement to consolidate business data and improve data governance in the poultry sector. To achieve that, data should be searchable at the data custodian level.

“Effectively tagged data will ensure that business and economic data can be correctly derived on an industry-wide basis, which will empower policymakers, regulators, the providers of private funding and any allocation of public funding through grants or subsidies with a data-driven approach.

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