Gov Urged to Review Price Hike of Ferry Ticket to Pangkor

The government is urged to review the increase in ferry ticket prices to Pulau Pangkor from Lumut Jetty and Marina Island Jetty which are deemed to be too drastic an increase for the small island resort.

“A study should be done to see if there were other methods that could be done without imposing too high a price increase as it was burdensome for middle-class tourists,” Pangkor Island Hotel and Resort Development Association chairman Mohd Zamzuri Suid was quoted as saying.

“Pangkor does not have too many tourist activities such as other islands and its duty-free products are also limited. If we look at Pulau Langkawi, it possesses various activities including the cable car which is really worth it for tourists to pay high ferry fares…therefore, this (price hike) needs to be reviewed,“ he was quoted as saying to the press.

Since last Friday, it was reported that there was an increase in the price of ferry tickets to Pulau Pangkor from Lumut Jetty and Marina Island Jetty beginning, with prices of a one-way ticket from RM7 to RM10, and RM14 to RM20 for a two-way adult ticket.

It was reported that beginning July 1 the return fare was now RM20 compared to RM14 for adults, and RM11 for children.

The one-way fare for adults was now RM10 and RM5.50 for children.

With the long weekend is just around the corner, the adverse effects of an increase in the ferry fare to Pulau Pangkor will be seen during the Hari Raya Haji break, according to Datuk Nolee Ashilin Mohamed Radzi.

She also added the decision on the fare increase was not made by the state government, but the Federal Government.

“The reason for the increased fare was due to the fuel charge hike, which was out of her control'” she stressed.

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