Aneka Jaringan Awarded with RM46 Million Contract Work

Aneka Jaringan Holdings has made the announcement through its official statement that its wholly-owned subsidiary, Aneka Jaringan has received Letter of Acceptance (LA) on 9 September 2022 and accepted on 12 September 2022 from 59 INC Sdn. Bhd. (59 INC), to be the contractor to undertake the piling and substructure works.

The said Contract is valued at RM46 Million. The works consists of 2 phases that is Tower A & B for Phase 1. While Tower c, D and Overall is for Phase 2.

The commencement date of the Contract is on 3 October 2022. Whilst completion date for Tower A & B 2 is by July 2023. Whereas completion date for Tower C, D & Overall is by 2 November 2023.

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