Does Soy Sauce-Flavoured Ice Cream Sound Weird To You? Try It For Yourself At Inside Scoop!

Hamadaya, a Halal-certified premium Japanese sauce brand is collaborating with local artisanal ice cream brand, Inside Scoop to bring customers a truly unique, limited edition soy sauce-flavoured ice cream, in conjunction with Soy Sauce Day which falls on October 1.

Being a limited edition flavour that is released to celebrate Soy Sauce Day, the Soy-Desuka ice cream will only be available for one month, starting from October 1 to October 31.

For this limited edition collaboration,  the Hamadaya Japanese Seasoning Soy Sauce is used as the main ingredient. Through rigorous research and development, countless trial-and-error sessions within 6 months to make the most pleasingly unique flavour out of soy sauce, Inside Scoop has successfully created the perfect formula for the Halal-certified Caramel Soy Sauce Ice Cream without any artificial flavourings or preservatives.

“Based on the feedback that we received from the customers over the years in the industry, we believed that a collaboration like this would strike the interest of both Hamadaya’s and Inside Scoop’s customers. Moreover, with the Japanese culture being well-received and adopted in Malaysian society, it was about time an innovation such as this came into the market,” said Lili Ho, Vice President of Marketing at Hamadaya/Heritage Foods.

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