Leaning from Swisstainability on Their Property Decisions

(Photo credit: Andermatt Swiss Alps)

Stefan Kern, Chief Communication Officer and Head of Sustainability at Andermatt Swiss Alps spoke to BusinessToday recently and explained about the role played by sustainability in property decisions for tourism industry.

“For property investors, what role does sustainability play in their property decisions?” BusinessToday

“More people are seeking a home away from home to work, live and play in, where they can enjoy living amid nature in the Alps, going to the mountains when they need to while remaining connected. It is the lifestyle appeal that attracts many investors to Andermatt Swiss Alps. Its properties offer buyers the best in contemporary living with stunning designs and top-notch amenities surrounded by breath-taking mountains,” Stefan remarked.

“We have noticed a recent trend where investors are becoming more conscious of sustainability issues. They recognise that they can put their capital to work in a way that positively influences society, generating financial returns while also minimising their ecological footprint. For example, many investors have been asking about the source of building materials, and if our properties are built to the Minergie standards, and where our energy sources come from. In Andermatt we can
provide carbon-neutral heating and electricity from natural resources (wind and water) from the region. And the new village Andermatt Reuss is fully car free,” Kern elaborated.

“Working with partners, guests and service providers, we take special care to ensure that Andermatt Swiss Alps operates in a way that preserves resources to reduce carbon emissions and safeguard the mountain environment. These efforts ensure the longevity of the properties which is great for investors who are looking at long-term returns from their investment while
improving overall building performance,” he added.

“At Andermatt, we have various dining scenes featuring some of our award-winning restaurants, authentic local and Asian favourites, catering to our Asian investors and travellers. We are a master plan developer, which sets us apart from any other resort and that is our main USP. That allows us to design a village that has all the different asset classes working together. We own and operate the hotels, concert hall, golf course and also the rental program of the apartments and are minority shareholder of the cable car company, that runs the skilifts. Fresh air, open spaces and the ‘good life’ are the three main priorities, highlighting Andermatt as one of Switzerland’s ski resorts for 2022,” he said.

“How has the current volatile economic climate affected Malaysian property investor decisions, if at all?” BT asked.

“When human interaction was limited by Covid, we had to re-navigate our business strategy. However, despite the strict lockdowns, there has been an increase in demand for second lifestyle homes and we successfully sold properties to clients who were craving for fresh alpine air and nature. Activities like skiing and being fully immersed in nature acts as a pandemic escape and a change from the usual fast paced life,” Kern concluded.

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