The Good, The Bad and The Wild: New Activities Abound at Sunway Lagoon’s Night Park!

Sunway Lagoon and Malaysia’s largest dairy manufacturer — Farm Fresh have entered a joint venture to develop the new Wild Wild West themed Night Park, featuring Farm Fresh’s mini cow barn and a slew of attractions and activities that will bring all your cowboy imagination to life starting 16 November 2022!

This collaboration highlights another one of Sunway Lagoon’s bold and ambitious expansion into the edutainment industry across Asia. This new agreement will help align the core strengths of both parties for long-term development, combining Sunway Lagoon’s multi-faceted elements with Farm Fresh’s advanced educational components for a revolutionized concept of learning. Similarly, this will also help improve the economic development and help represent untapped potential for business and leisure travel developments.

“This partnership signifies our confidence in the dairy and tourism industry,” says Kong Beng Kuin, Chief Financial Officer and Head of Business Development of Sunway Theme Parks.

“It is a practical step forward towards our next milestone, which is to provide a more tailored experience to a new generation of knowledge-hungry adventurers, while maintaining our environmental conservation efforts.”

“Since the launch of Farm Fresh at Universiti Putra Malaysia, we have received throngs of visitors young and old, all excited to visit the cows and really immersed themselves in our farm-vibe home. Farm Fresh is excited that we have this opportunity with Sunway Lagoon Theme Park to showcase our “ladies” home more upclose and personal, bringing edutainment to the next level, and provide a new experience to visitors to see how fresh milk is produced and created to innovate new products that caters to today’s lifestyle, just like our latest boba drink brand, Jom Cha” says Mr. Loi Tuan Ee, Group Managing Director & Group Chief Executive Officer of Farm Fresh Berhad.

What can you expect from this collaboration?
Sunway Lagoon’s Night Park will be a welcoming hub of a-moo-sing activities. A spacious area featuring rustic makeshift barns and buildings inspired by the Old West, the night will hum with lively exchanges as you make your way to our “Education Zone” and “Farm Fresh Milking Experience Zone.”

You will be able to engage with Holly and Koci, two of our newest team members, and learn more about fresh milk. Visit these beautiful ladies up close while quenching your thirst with refreshing beverages at our “Jom Cha” counter. For Boba lovers, Farm Fresh’s very own lifestyle beverage brand “Jom Cha” is available at the park and offers 20 various flavors of Boba drinks with 6 different categories you can select, such as fresh milk, yoghurt and plant-based milk.

Now then, what else can guests expect of Sunway Lagoon’s Night Park?

For one, prepare to extend your Best Day Ever from dawn to dusk as charming gunslingers take over the old western town. Games and activities that are heavily inspired by the Old American West are sure to be on your agendas, but our 7 exciting rides will also be a must especially for those with sprightly children. Aside from that, the venue also serves as the perfect catering area for corporate or family retreats, with a whopping 250-person capacity. It is estimated that the new Night Park could attract 10,000 visitors during its opening.

Constructing this park based on the legacy and persona of the Old West was a stroke of genius by Mr. Calvin Ho and his team.

“We are thrilled to welcome guests to Sunway Lagoon’s Night Park and introduce the brand’s signature blend of first-class entertainment and warm hospitality,” he said. “Our Night Park is the perfect place for visitors to discover an endlessly fascinating adventure and talk about
their experience for years to come with childlike reverence!”

As we continue pushing the boundaries of a conventional theme park setting with new and contemporary attractions, we look forward to welcoming even more international guests and subsequently help boost the local tourism industry.

Guests can look forward to a night filled with gun-toting galoots roaming around, country music bands, dancing shows and MANY MORE. Here’s a comprehensive list of our shows!

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