World Water Day Is Coming Up – Here’s What You Can Do!

International World Water Day is held on March 22 each year. The importance of World Water Day is to bring attention to the lack of access to safe drinking water to impoverished and disadvantaged individuals around the world and to advocate for more sustainable management of freshwater resources. On this day every year, events take place all over the globe to raise consciousness of those with the potential to inspire change and to encourage action.

Practice responsible use of water

Take up the challenge to be more mindful of your own water usage. If you find you use a lot of water, try to reduce your usage during your day-to-day routine. 

Some suggestions to reduce your water use include:

  • Turning off the tap while you brush your teeth
  • Using the half flush on the toilet instead of the full when possible
  • Taking 2 minute showers 
  • Making sure your dishwasher is full before turning it on
  • Fixing leaking taps and toilets

Watch documentaries on water to educate yourself

As World Water Day is focused on raising awareness about the importance of clean water and sanitation, one way to gain a better understanding of water-related issues is by watching documentaries. There are a number of high-quality films available, often on YouTube or Netflix.

Visit the United Nations World Water Day website

Another way to get informed is to visit the official World Water Day website, which includes an abundance of resources, stories and information on how to become involved with World Water Day. 

Raise awareness on social media

Social media is one of the most effective ways to raise awareness. This World Water Day, we encourage you to share news, facts, statistics, videos or stories on your various social media channels to let your network know about the importance of clean water and sanitation, and sustainable water use. The more people that share information on their social channels, the greater the reach.

Donate to help those without access to clean water and sanitation

This World Water Day, you can give the gift of clean water and sanitation to those who need it most. Everyone should have the right to access clean water and sanitation around the globe. 

You can help provide children and families overseas with access to clean water and sanitation by donating:

  • Hand pump well: This will provide clean water for children and their families for drinking, cleaning and bathing. Children may no longer have to make long, dangerous journeys on foot to collect water from unreliable, contaminated sources. This will also offer children the protection from the risk of deadly waterborne diseases.
  • Deepwater borehole: Imagine your impact when you give the gift of clean water that a whole school – or even an entire community – can rely upon for years to come.
  • Hand washing station: This is a simple gift with the power to help everyone in a community improve sanitation and hygiene, and stay healthy. 

By ChildFund AU

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