MoHR: Reopening Of Textile, Barbers, Goldsmith Sub-Sectors To Foreign Workers Subject To Council Of Ministers Approval

The Ministry of Human Resource has tabled the issue of the freeze on the employment of foreign workers in the textile, barbers and goldsmith sub-sectors and work is underway to present the findings and recommendations to the Council of Ministers Meeting for a formal approval.

Its Minister V. Sivakumar, in a statement today (March 24) said discussions were held the Minister of Home Affairs (KDN) and Minister of Domestic Trade and Cost of Living (KPDN) today regarding the three sub-sectors which has been frozen since 2009 and has been completely closed for the employment of foreign workers since 2019.

He explained that the Unity Government is very concerned with the request of local employers for the reopening of the three sub sectors. However, there is the process to be followed in relation to any Government policy regarding employment of foreign workers where it needs to be brought up at the Meeting level Joint Committee of the Minister of Home Affairs and the Minister of Human Resources Related to the Management of Foreign Workers first. Any recommendations from this Joint Committee Meeting will then be presented for consideration and approval of the Council of Ministers Meeting before any the announcement about the reopening of these three sectors can be implemented.

“I have also discussed with the  Minister of Home Affairs for them to consider that those holding Temporary Work Visit Pass (PLKS) holders in the three sub-sectors, which is set to expire in March 2023, to be extended for an appropriate period of time,” said Sivakumar, adding, that any relevant Government policy on the employment of foreign workers, including freezing or reopening a sector or sub-sector, will take into account the current situation as well real needs of the employer.

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