Sunway Malls Lights Up The Festive Season With “Cahaya Raya” Campaign

Sunway Malls kicks off the upcoming Raya celebration with a grand  launch of ‘Cahaya Raya’ at Sunway Putra Mall. Inspired by the tradition of lighting up oil lamps during  the last 10 nights of Ramadan, also known as Malam Tujuh Likur, Sunway Malls aims to bring light and  happiness to all shoppers through their ‘Cahaya Raya’ campaigns. 

The celebration at Sunway Putra Mall began with welcome speeches by the CEO of Sunway Malls &  Theme Parks, H.C Chan and Member of Parliament for Segambut, YB Hannah Yeoh, followed by the  official launch of the campaign signified through the lighting of Moroccan lamps by Mr H.C Chan, YB  Hannah Yeoh and representatives of Sunway Malls, the event continued with a heartfelt performance  by The National Autism Society of Malaysia’s Maestro and Caliph Buskers, ending with a “buka puasa”  session. Two other special guests at the event were Datuk Megat Ahmad Shahrani Megat Sharuddin,  President of NASOM and Mr Julian Wong, Chairman of NASOM. 

The representatives from Sunway Malls included H.C Chan, CEO of Sunway Malls & Theme Parks;  Danny Lee, General Manager of Sunway Putra Mall; Loo Hoey Theen, General Manager of Marketing,  Business Innovation & eMall; Phang Sau Lian, Senior General Manager of Sunway Velocity Mall; Chai  Wen Yew, General Manager of Sunway Carnival; Albert Cheok, Centre Manager of Sunway Giza Mall  and Allan Tay, General Manager of Sunway Big Box and Sunway Citrine Hub. 

The exciting “Cahaya Raya” theme found in all Malls include contemporary Islamic motifs on the  entrance statements, walkways and other beautiful structures. The 3D sculptures and installations  manifest the concepts of geometry, light and space. Their moon and star centrepieces in a variety of  shapes represent guidance and diversity. To further enhance the “Cahaya Raya” feel, shoppers can  experience beautiful interactive light displays in the malls as well, each with its own unique digital  innovation within.  

With the help of Sunway Malls’ partners – Project Lily by AIDA & Partners, NASOM, SENI, Segambut  Cares, Autism Behavioral Center, Early Autism Project, Pokokon, and REACH Segamat Johor, the aims  of the initiatives are not only to reduce inequality and spread awareness on autism in the community,  but also to recognize and appreciate the diverse ways in which people on the spectrum experience  the world, and to advocate for their acceptance and inclusion in society. With that, it is to also bring  awareness to society how we can practice inclusivity, to live with the various communities, autistic  and neurodiverse communities as part of it.

The launch event was made to be as inclusive to autistic individuals as possible, with earplugs given  to aid sound sensitivity as well as special quiet zones within the mall to allow all guests to enjoy the  event comfortably. Families with autistic family members were also invited for the event and for the  buka puasa session and facilities such as calm rooms and sensory walls were accessible to them and  others who needed them at any time during the event. 

“Apart from rejoicing the festivity, it is important we strive to be as inclusive as possible. The measure  of a societal progress is how we go beyond accepting to embracing. Inclusion must be at the heart of  what we do” Said H.C Chan, CEO of Sunway Malls & Theme Parks. 

In the month of April, the world celebrates Autism Awareness Month, a time dedicated to raising  awareness and promoting understanding of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). As Sunway Malls stays  committed to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of Good Health & Well-Being as well as  Reduced Inequalities, Sunway Mall’s Cahaya Raya X Autsome initiative acts as an opportunity to bring  an inclusive retail experience to shoppers. Autsome stands for “Autism Is Awesome” and is Sunway  Malls’ initiative which started back in 2019 to create awareness and advocate on Autism Spectrum  Disorder (ASD). 

Sunway Malls’ Corporate Social Responsibility or CSR initiative during Cahaya Raya ranges from  directly supporting families with autistic members in need, as initiated by Sunway Putra Mall, to  showcasing autistic entrepreneurs at Sunway Pyramid and Sunway Velocity Mall, and Sunway Big Box,  to building and launching their very own calm room at Sunway Carnival Mall, and so much more.  

“I thank Sunway Putra Mall for their continuous support for the deserving community in Segambut. It  is important for the private sector to undertake initiatives like this which will have a positive impact  on the community. I hope to see more corporations spearheading projects that have a social element”,  said YB Hannah Yeoh who is the Member of Parliament for Segambut. 

Check out the on-ground activities, exclusive privileges, facilities, workshops, treats, Autsome efforts  and programmes at Sunway Putra Mall, Sunway Pyramid, Sunway Velocity Mall, Sunway Carnival Mall and Sunway Big Box (further details below). 

Besides this, at each mall, shoppers can shop all Raya essentials from a mix of local and international  brands and designers, such as Christy Ng, UMMA, NITA Cosmetics, FAMA, Belhams, Summer Love and  more. 

Light it up at all 8 Sunway Malls! 

Each of the Sunway Malls will be decked out in Cahaya Raya, with lots of activities and events  throughout their campaign for all to enjoy, as well as exclusive redemption merchandise to be  redeemed. 

Sunway Putra Mall 

Sunway Putra Mall’s Main Concourse, Ground Floor is lit up with bright colours, arabic-inspired designs  and a geometric star centrepiece which represents guidance and diversity, perfect for photographic 

opportunities. Within the Main Concourse also lies a neon-lit tunnel where shoppers are welcome to  experience light motions change and music as they walk through the space. 

“This Raya, we wanted to emphasise on the importance of inclusivity. Hence, with World Autism Day  in April, Sunway Putra Mall will be supporting the autistic community through funding autistic  individuals’ education, life skills and daily necessities, to help these individuals gain the skills they need  to be able to fit into society. We worked with YB Hannah’s office, under the Segambut constituency,  to identify 4 families with autistic family members, and we aim to work towards impacting their  families.” says Danny Lee, General Manager of Sunway Putra Mall. 

Together with Youth & Sports Minister and Segambut Member of Parliament, YB Hannah Yeoh, the  mall’s team has identified four B40 families with autistic family members ranging from 4 years old to  41 years old in the Segambut area, each with their own varying needs. The mall, together with  donations from shoppers which can be made at the mall’s Concierge Counter or via SunwayPay, aim  to support the families in education, life skills and daily necessities. 

Other activities such as an Autism Awareness Talk and “Autsome Bazaar”, where a portion of the  proceeds will be channelled to National Autism Society of Malaysia (NASOM) and other NGOs for their  cause, will take place, including various activities for Autsome (Sunway Putra Mall’s privilege  programme for autistic individuals) members on selected Sundays. The mall is equipped with calm  rooms, sensory walls, as well as well-trained Customer Care personnel that can be found at the  Concierge Counter daily from 10am-10pm. 

The Raya festivities would not be complete without Raya shopping, music, dance and fun! To which  shoppers can find a Bazaar Lebaran of over 50 vendors in the Main Concourse, East Wing (GF and L2),  and also enjoy amazing performances, traditional games and free workshops every Saturday,  Selected Sundays and Public Holidays. To conclude the day, shoppers can redeem exclusive Shine &  Reflect Raya Packet Set, Serving Tray or Cutlery Set from the Concierge Counter at Ground Floor if  they spend mall-wide. 

Sunway Pyramid 

Sunway Pyramid is excited to invite Malaysians to ignite their celebrations with the Cahaya Raya 2023 campaign, starting at their Orange Concourse, adorned with geometrical and Arabesque structures. 

Sunway Pyramid is introducing an interactive light zone whereby shoppers can interact with LED  decorations and cast a light for a brighter Raya. In addition, two retail booths will be available at the  concourse, featuring Muslim apparel and a workshop where shoppers can participate and earn  rewards. Shoppers can also redeem various special gifts such as a Raya Packet Set, Diamond Jug Set,  and Premium Cutlery Set as a reward for spending in the mall. 

To promote inclusivity for the autism community, the mall will be dedicating a space in the concourse  for the community to set up booths to sell their products or display their artworks. Additionally,  Sunway Pyramid is introducing Sensory Walls in designated areas throughout the mall, designed to  provide calm and comfort for the autism community.

Sunway Velocity Mall 

Journey inside the 31-feet centrepiece dome found in the middle of the atrium and be showered with  unlimited blessings and absolution. Be ready to be transported into the world of lights as you see  blinking lights hung with colourful lanterns on the ceiling while standing on the beautiful arabesque  mosaic-style floor. The Main Atrium is carefully designed for the best interactive engagements among  shoppers to enhance their shopping experience. Step on the LED platform and watch the fireworks  appear below their feet. Discover different surprises around the mall perfect for photo opportunities. 

Adding to the pleasant shopping experience at Sunway Velocity Mall’s Raya bazaar, shoppers can also  shop and redeem Shine & Reflect Raya Packet, a unique Autism Art Designed Jute Bag or Nordic  Glass Mug Set

Sunway Carnival Mall 

As shoppers step into the heart of the mall, they will see a diamond shaped ketupat as the centrepiece,  with various surprises and photo opportunities at different zones. Aligned with SDG #12 which focuses  on Responsible Consumption and Production; the mall has created charming mini lamp shades using  upcycled cans collected from F&B tenants. 

Sunway Carnival Mall is proud to announce the launch of their very own Autsome Calm Room and  Sensory Wall located at 2nd Floor; A significant milestone for Sunway Carnival Mall, as they, too, strive  to be an autism-friendly mall. 

Shoppers can redeem Raya Packets, HOOGA Room Spray or Home’s Harmony Placemat when they  spend at Sunway Carnival Mall. With a special SK Jewellery Gold Bar redemption that can only be  redeemed on 15 & 16 April 2023! Not to forget their activities happening every weekend in April, such  as dance performances and workshops, a trip to Sunway Carnival Mall will definitely be worthwhile! 

Sunway Big Box & Sunway Citrine Hub 

The Main Concourse of Sunway Big Box will be decked with colourful geometrical structures, with the  focal point being a crescent moon, also known as the anak bulan. It is significant in the Islamic calendar  as the crescent moon determines the date of Syawal and Hari Raya celebration. Shoppers are able to  experience an interactive light zone that is perfect for photo opportunities. 

There’s also a Weekend Festive Bazaar where shoppers will find themselves surrounded by an array of apparels and accessories by local vendors. Apart from that, shoppers can indulge in delectable food  and drinks for Iftar. 

Spend and redeem lovely Raya gifts, including Handcrafted Scented Candles made by Autistic  community from REACH Segamat – a non-profit organization that provides complimentary services  for Autistic children, as well as Raya Packet Set or Elegant Ceramic Pot. 

Sunway Giza Mall

View Sunway Giza Mall’s take on Cahaya Raya at the Centre Boulevard from 28 March till 12 May 2023  featuring a mini garden with colourful neon lights and greenery. Patrons can also enjoy a weekend  bazaar open every Friday to Sunday to shop for the latest Raya fashion, accessories and craft items  too. 

Sunway eMall 

Bring your shopping from offline to online with Sunway eMall’s Ramadhan and Raya promotion of  15% off storewide with a min. spend of RM100 (discount capped at RM50) with promo code RAYA15. 

Shoppers can find special deals on home products, beauty products from brands such as L’occitane,  The Body Shop, Lush and more, as well as Raya fashion and food only from 24th March to 7th May. 

Aside from that, Sunway eMall’s offline Raya booths at Sunway Pyramid, Sunway Velocity & Sunway  Putra Mall will allow shoppers to not only see their products in person and have the luxury to purchase  it at their own time, but they can also receive RM100 worth of vouchers & goodies too! 

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