CTOS SME Biz Day 2023 Saw Over 1000 Business Attendance

CTOS Data Systems Sdn Bhd, Malaysia’s leading credit reporting agency, held its biggest networking event, which saw over 1000 businesses attending the ‘SME Biz Day 2023’ at the Nexus Grand Ballroom in Bangsar South.

The event was conceptualised by CTOS to provide a forum for SMEs to network and to gain important insights from leaders in their industries.

“As the leading credit reporting agency in Malaysia, we have been assisting SMEs for over 30 years through the CTOS Credit Manager solution, which enables businesses to evaluate potential clients, automated monitoring of existing customers, and reinforces timely payment performance. Today, our product offering has grown beyond the traditional credit reporting instruments to now include a breadth of digital solutions, all carefully curated to support every stage of the consumer lifecycle,” said CTOS Digital Group CEO Erick Hamburger.

“With more than 20,000 SME subscribers and growing, the CTOS SME Biz Day is aimed to help businesses with networking opportunities and to equip them with these latest digital solutions to catalyse business growth,” he said.

CTOS announced its upcoming release of CM Lite, a simplified version of CTOS Credit Manager. Tailor-made for today’s busy professionals who need information at their fingertips, it has a mobile-friendly version that allows users to buy reports and view monitoring alerts at a glance, along with other vital CTOS Credit Manager functions.

During the event, CTOS also presented the CTOS Golden Subscriber Awards to 30 of their top SME subscribers as a token of appreciation for their loyalty over the past three decades.

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