Airo Launches as Malaysia’s First Actively Managed Digital Investment Platform

Airo, an actively managed digital investment platform, has officially entered the fintech arena, offering a beacon of financial empowerment to citizens amid rising debt and economic challenges.

According to current data, Almost 73 per cent of Malaysians aged 18 to 40 admit to being in debt, citing financial constraints and inflation as obstacles to their financial stability. Airo addresses this by providing an avenue for fiscal security through active, accessible digital investing.

In a world where effective investment strategies are crucial for financial freedom, many young Malaysians lack the knowledge and resources needed. Airo aims to bridge this gap, leveraging algorithm-driven systems and the expertise of professional fund managers.

Airo’s platform is designed to curate personalized investment strategies, catering to individual profiles. The algorithm-driven investment engine monitors opportunities that match unique requirements, offering an active investment strategy that adjusts portfolios based on prevailing market conditions.

The platform’s dynamic asset allocation strategy adapts swiftly to the global economic landscape, tailoring strategies to meet users’ specific fiscal goals. Airo’s commitment to helping Malaysians achieve their investment goals is reflected in its advanced technology, crafting bespoke investment strategies for users’ dreams, be it a holiday, education funding, or retirement planning.

Airo removes barriers for first-time investors by providing automated, algorithm-driven investment services starting at only RM50. CP Global Fintech Solutions Chief Investment Officer William Yii, emphasises their commitment to delivering long-term solutions for Malaysians from all walks of life.

At CP Global Fintech Solutions, we are committed to delivering long-term solutions to help our fellow Malaysians from all walks of life achieve their wealth goals. To do so, we use a systematic global macro system to harness the flexibility and opportunities that stem from an active investment strategy — all the better to meet the needs of our users directly,” shared the Chief Investment Officer.

Airo’s proprietary technology employs a robust risk measurement system and a conditional-value-at-risk (CVAR) system for 24/7 risk management. This includes handling cash as a safe haven and employing hedging instruments to mitigate damage from severe market corrections.

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