Setia City Convention Centre Opens First Reversible Vending Machine

SP Setia’s Setia City Convention Centre (SCCC) joined Grab, F&N and KLEAN’s plastic upcycling intiative, serving as the location partner for the first-ever reversible vending machine (RVM) for recycling plastic food packaging in Setia Alam.

“This sustainable initiative aims to redirect plastic food packaging waste away from the ocean and landfills, repurposing them into reusable items,” the group said in a statement today (Jan 8).

Located the West Entrance of the convention centre, surrounding communities are welcomed to drive-thru to drop off rinsed plastic food containers at the AI-enhanced smart recycling machine without the need of entering the parking lot.

Setia City Convention Centre is the first Green Building Index (GBI) Certified convention centre boasting various sustainable features such as a rainwater harvesting system, solar panels and EV charging station.

“This partnership is in line with the convention centre’s ongoing sustainability efforts, consistent with SP Setia Bhd’s overarching dedication to creating sustainable communities and enriching lifestyles,” it added.

SP Setia senior executive vice president Datuk Yuslina Mohd Yunus expressed the group’s excitement to be part of Grab, F&N, and KLEAN’s initiative to encourage our communities to recycle their plastic food containers.

“Food delivery is the new normal, and recycling larger and uniquely shaped plastic food containers has posed a challenge. (We are excited to promote) greener choices in their daily lives and making a collective contribution to a greener future for all,” she said.

Sponsored by Grab and F&N, users will get rewarded for recycling the plastic food containers via the KLEAN app.

To start recycling using the RVM, users can download the KLEAN app and collect points through recycling plastic containers and aluminium cans, regardless of sizes and shapes.

Accumulated points can then be redeemed for various vouchers via the app, such as Grab vouchers and Touch ‘n Go credits.

With every recyclable item deposited into the machine, SCCC will also receive 10% of the carbon offset score, which is reflected on the KLEAN dashboard.

The RVM operates daily from 9 am to 9.30 pm and are subject to change based on demand.

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