Dep Minister Calls For Strengthening Of Middle-To-High-End Manufacturing And Services With China

A few combined factors make Malaysia an attractive destination for investors. First of all, Malaysia is strategically situated in Southeast Asia, surrounded by the world’s most important waterways – the Malacca Straits and South China Sea. Malaysia is Asia’s linchpin linking the Pacific and Indian Oceans.

Malaysia also holds an indispensable middle position in the global supply chain as we have a multilingual, high-skilled workforce and a considerably mature manufacturing ecosystem.

Thirdly, our neutral “middle power” and non-aligned stance in global politics would allow investors from different countries to set up shop here, positioning Malaysia as a strategic Asian hub.

These factors were stated by Deputy Minister of Investment, Trade And Industry Liew Chin Tong at the 16th Annual Meeting Of Malaysia-China Joint Business Council today (Jan 30).

“I hope that these factors, and our strength in middle-to-high-end manufacturing and services, as well as our shared cultural traits, would allow Malaysia to emerge as an optimal destination for Chinese businesses looking to establish a regional headquarters beyond China. I urge Chinese enterprises to recognise Malaysia’s potential and consider establishing a robust presence here. Let us foster deeper collaboration between Malaysian and Chinese businesses, transcending bilateral relations.

He added together, bote nations can ascend to greater heights and collectively make a joint presence in both the Southeast Asian and Asian markets.

Liew extended a heartfelt congratulations to the Malaysia-China Joint Business Council for the successful convening of their 16th Annual Meeting today in Kuala Lumpur which marks the first in-person gathering of the council since their last meeting in Zhengzhou, China, in 2019.

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