Malaysia’s KPTDGA Rebranded As Ministry Of Energy Transition and Water Transformation, PETRA

Malaysia’s Ministry of Energy Transition and Public Utilities (KPTDGA) is now officially adopting the name Ministry of Energy Transition and Water Transformation, abbreviated as PETRA.

The change, proposed by Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Fadillah Yusof, who also serves as the Minister of Energy Transition and Public Utilities, has been unanimously approved during the Cabinet meeting held yesterday.

In a statement released today, PETRA highlighted that this rebranding aims to accurately reflect the ministry’s core responsibilities in spearheading transformative efforts within the energy and water sectors.

“The renaming is designed to provide greater clarity to the public regarding the ministry’s vital role in advancing energy and water initiatives,” the statement affirmed.

Moreover, PETRA emphasised that the selection of its acronym was the outcome of a rigorous competition open to ministry staff, as well as departments and agencies under its purview.

From over 100 suggestions received, PETRA emerged as the chosen acronym, symbolising the ministry’s dedication to both Energy Transition (PET) and Water Transformation (TRA).

“The adoption of PETRA underscores our commitment to prioritizing these essential sectors, which play pivotal roles in enhancing the nation’s welfare and quality of life,” the statement added.

Henceforth, PETRA will serve as the official designation for all ministry-related activities, signaling a new era of focused leadership and strategic direction in Malaysia’s energy and water sectors.

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