Rise Of The 8% SST Tax Rate: Expected Changes

Malaysia’s Sales and Service Tax (SST) is slated to increase from 6% to 8% as of March 1, 2024.

The matter has received disagreement on its implementation but the Government will proceed as scheduled.

The potential new SST adjustments include:

Categories subject to 8% SST – Hotel and accommodation industry, Credit card and charge card processing and fees, Entertainment and leisure industry (clubs, etc.), Maintenance or repair services (car repairs, etc.), Professional services industry (accounting, advertising, construction, etc.) and other service industries (hair salons, beauty parlours, laundry services, etc.)

Categories maintaining a 6% tax rate – Food and beverage industry, Telecommunication services, Parking services, Logistics services

Newly added taxable categories – Broking and underwriting services, Delivery services and Karaoke

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