Kaspersky State Of Stalkerware 2023 Report Exposes Global Digital Stalking Epidemic

Kaspersky’s latest report on the State of Stalkerware 2023 has unveiled alarming statistics, revealing that nearly 31,000 mobile users worldwide fell victim to stalkerware, a clandestine surveillance software often used by domestic abusers to monitor their victims. The report sheds light on the prevalence of digital stalking, with 40% of surveyed individuals worldwide admitting to experiencing stalking or suspecting being stalked.

Stalkerware, disguised as legitimate anti-theft or parental control apps, infiltrates smartphones, tablets, and computers without the victim’s consent, granting perpetrators control over their victims’ lives. Despite efforts to combat digital stalking, the report indicates a 5.8% increase in stalkerware victims compared to the previous year, signifying a persistent global problem.

In Malaysia, the issue is equally concerning, with one-third of respondents reporting stalking or suspicion of being stalked through phone apps, and 18% experiencing physical stalking. Additionally, 44% expressed concerns about online stalking, highlighting the widespread fear among Malaysian individuals.

Disturbingly, over half of Malaysian respondents believe it is acceptable to monitor their partners’ phones without their knowledge under certain circumstances, reflecting a concerning attitude towards privacy rights. The report also identifies Russia, Brazil, and India as the top three countries most affected by stalkerware, emphasizing the global nature of the issue.

David Emm, a security and data privacy expert at Kaspersky, emphasised the importance of fostering open communication within relationships to establish clear boundaries and promote digital literacy. Erica Olsen from the National Network to End Domestic Violence echoed these sentiments, highlighting the violation of privacy inherent in stalkerware usage.

In response to the escalating threat of stalkerware, Kaspersky has taken proactive measures, including the development of alerts to notify users of potential stalkerware on their devices. Additionally, Kaspersky co-founded the Coalition Against Stalkerware, uniting private IT companies, NGOs, and law enforcement agencies to combat cyberstalking and support victims.

The fight against stalkerware requires collaboration across various sectors of society, and Kaspersky remains committed to protecting users from this pervasive threat while advocating for greater awareness and prevention efforts.

For individuals concerned about stalkerware, seeking support from victim support services and using safe devices for sensitive communications is essential. Together, through education, advocacy, and technological innovation, we can work towards a world free from digital stalking and online abuse.

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