Pelikan International Proposes Name Change To PBS Berhad

Pelikan International Corporation Berhad has informed that is proposing to change its name from “Pelikan International Corporation Berhad” to “PBS Berhad.

The proposed name of “PBS Berhad” it said was approved and reserved by the Companies Commission of Malaysia on 5 January 2024 and the reservation for the use of the proposed new name is valid for a period of 30 days from 5 January 2024, and the Validity Period has been extended to 3 July 2024.

The Proposed Change of Name is also subject to the approval being obtained from the shareholders of the company at the forthcoming Annual General Meeting to be convened at a date to be announced later. A circular to shareholders with details of the Proposed Change of Name will be issued to the shareholders in due course it said.

Once approve, the proposed change of name, will take effect from the date of issuance of the Notice of Registration of New Name by the CCM to the Company.

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