PM: Use Available Space Diligently To Study Interpretation, Meaning Of The Quran

In commemorating Nuzul al-Quran today, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim invites Muslims to commemorate the event by taking advantage of the available space to study the interpretation and meaning of the Quran.

The Prime Minister said that understanding the message of the Quran should be emphasised more because the Qur’an lives, speaks and serves as a guide in every century of history.

“We are required to increase the recitation of the Quran every Ramadan in order to increase piety and reward, but it should not stop there. The people are also required to be diligent in understanding the Quranic calls and prompts which are in fact loaded with universal messages of morality and humanity,” he said in a post on Facebook, today (Mar 28).

According to him, appreciating the message of al-Quran’s wisdom will educate us to be pious, noble, fair and simple people in all matters.

“Ibrah (Wisdom, advice) that emanates from the word of God is not specifically intended for believers, rather it is a guide for all mankind (hudan linnas).

“Every debate, every story and story, whether it’s the story of the al-Kahfi youth or the story of the Prophet of God Yusuf AS, all of them are loaded with the spirit of struggle and profound advice,” he said.

He added, focusing on each sentence is like holding a torch light that illuminates the incident and illuminates the way forward.

“Even though in the end we only managed to sip a drop of water from the vast ocean of the wisdom of the Qur’an, but Allah SWT never gives up on His servants.

“Therefore it is enough to pay off the important part of our lives as humans in this ark of life.

“May our companionship with the Qur’an become an extension of life in this world and a defence in the afterlife. Happy commemoration of the Nuzul al-Quran event,” he said.

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