Chief Statistician Rubbishes Accusation ‘PADU Developed Using Outdated Methods’

The Central Database Hub (PADU) is the government’s latest initiative to create a database that is a single reference point in strengthening the implementation of programmes and the use of national financial resources for the well-being of the people. In developing the system, the set objectives to be achieved were determined to cover the dimension of data integration from various sources (i.e. various government databases, data census / surveys carried out by DOSM periodically and would be self-updated online by the people), along with analytical and security dimensions.

In the development of PADU, there are elements that need to be implemented in stages taking into account the availability of data standards, structures, coverage, concepts and definitions used in various data provider agencies. Next, aspects of mapping and data collection need to be implemented. Therefore, this system will produce an accurate database and become a strategic asset of the country, a statement from the Office of the Chief Statistician of Malaysia said today (Mar 29) to refute an accusation made in an article entitled ‘“Padu Developed Using Outdated Methods, Says Cybersecurity Expert” published by an online news portal this morning.

The development of PADU was conducted in-house, has successfully taken into account the stated requirements and certainly the latest technology, methods and design at the core of the development which is based on good expertise and thoroughness. The use of API is one of the important mechanisms and will continue to be increased based on the dynamics, complexity and availability of databases from various agencies.

Meanwhile, PADU is not only used as a data updating medium, rather PADU performs various analytical functions and goes beyond the scope of transactions and data updates. Accordingly, the design developed by PADU is the best, safe and effective.

Therefore, the statement stating that PADU development was developed using outdated methods is recklessly wrong. The details of the PADU system and architecture are also not disclosed to the public, so the statement that the PADU system development method is outdated is inappropriate and imprudent.

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