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Sathish Govind


Step Into The Trodden Path Of CPTPP Cautiously

Two of the most contentious issues or chapters in CTPP are the chapters on intellectual rights and the dreaded legacy from the TPPA that is the investor-state dispute settlement provision.

Managing Perceptions Is As Crucial As Managing The Economy

With a sense of impending doom on the horizon, just declaring that substantial incentives are being given out will not help to improve people's perceptions, which is crucial in boosting economic sentiment.

Managing Pandemics And Prescribing The Correct Medications Can Help The Economy

The responsibility of stirring the economy in the right direction rests with all of us and if gloom and doom are what we see, then we have only ourselves to blame

This Is How The Gov’t Should Instill Confidence In The Economy

Yeah says there is a greater need for increased cash transfers to the distressed group notably the B40, those who have lost their jobs, and daily wage earners which will immediately encourage consumer spending

Solar Stocks See Sunny Days Ahead

In Malaysia, the government has set a 20% target in renewable energy usage by 2025, of which the majority would come from solar energy.

Mah Sing Bucks the trend as a Property Player

The company aims to be one of the top 5 glove producers in Malaysia in the future and it will be exploring the listing of its manufacturing/healthcare divisions separately

New PM Must Strengthen MACC: Ramon Navaratnam

In the medium-term, TS Raymond says the PM could also look at the NEW Economic policy that seeks to deploy it on a need-based policy. Such a policy should see the equal distribution of aid and assistance to needy groups irrespective of their ethnicity.

Benefits In Plantation Sector Capped By Labour Crunch

Nageeb says that there was already a shortage of 36,000 last year to 70,000 workers this year adding that the shortage of workers was felt by big plantation workers

Economy Set To Be Humming In 2H Of This Year

In the second part of the year the economy is expected to pick up steam aided by increased vaccination rates and better global economic sentiments

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