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Sathish Govind


Malaysia Must Be Vigilant Against Economic Risks

The dark clouds looming on the Malaysian horizon are receding with the country expected to move into the positive territory. The country is expected...

BNM Bracing For A Difficult And Delicate Balance

With inflation running at its highest in nearly 40 years in the US, The Federal Reserve is likely to reduce the brakes on economic...

Government Needs To Proactively Tackle The Problem Of Inflation

With the economy starting to hum again after prolonged periods of lockdown in the world, another problem besieging Malaysia is inflationary pressures with policymakers...

BAT Malaysia Secures 4-Stars on Bursa Malaysia’s ESG Ratings

British American Tobacco Malaysia Berhad (BAT Malaysia) is once again accorded the highest grading band of 4-stars following the release of Bursa Malaysia’s ESG...

Red Hat Brings Ansible Automation Platform to Microsoft Azure

Red Hat, Inc., the world's leading provider of open-source solutions, announced Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform on Microsoft Azure. It builds on Red Hat’s standard...

Kelington’s Bounties To Come From The Industrial Gas Sector

Kelington Group Bhd is poised to benefit immensely from the industrial gas sector that has grown phenomenally on the back of the demand from...

Starting An Alternative Protein Plant With Haskell

Though the world has experienced a significant change in recent years, one of the trends observed is the dietary trend moving to eco-friendly plant-based...

Omicron And Floods Main Priority For Government In 2022: Economist

The government’s immediate priority going forward in 2022 would be to immediately contain the threat of the Omicron virus and restore the damage from the floods, an economist said today.

China Slowdown And Covid Major Risks For Malaysian Economy In 2022: Economist

On the other potential hazards that Malaysia needs to be vigilant, he said that increase in prices was inevitable evidenced by the increase in prices of commodities and substantial increase in logistic and shipping costs

Banking Sector Appears To Have Bucked The Trend: HLIB

HLIB said that the sector’s risk-reward profile continues to skew favourably to the upside as most negatives have been considered by the market.

Astute Stock Picking in 2022: Analyst

On Macroeconomic headwinds, he says that it is centred on global inflation and the US Federal Reserve’s (more hawkish) narrative on monetary policy and China’s economic growth trajectory.

Govt’s Direct Intervention Necessary to Contain Inflation: Economist

Yeah said that the present hike in prices should provide “food for thought” of getting more youths to go into the agricultural sector through modern farming and ensuring that there is food security in the country.

Analysts: Stock Rally Unlikely Although Long-Term Fundamentals Sound

Among the catalysts that could likely trigger “a rally of a sort” was corporate earnings which are not looking good for next year

Incumbents In EMS Set To Gain Market Share

A notable development in the industry yesterday was the shares of one of the players, ATA IMS Bhd slumped to its lowest level in six months on Thursday after British firm Dyson terminated its relationship with the electronics manufacturing firm over alleged labour practices. 

Are We Ready For An Oil Sovereign Fund?”

Today, Norway's Oil Sovereign Fund has over US$1.3 trillion in assets, including 1.4% of global stocks and shares, making it the world's largest sovereign wealth fund. 

The Prince’s Magic Wand For The Economy

Going forward, the prince said that there were new industries and growth areas that Malaysia should look at citing that climate change was “something that caught on with the younger generation” and Malaysia could take this industry seriously.

The Expansionary Budget Must Be Executed Well: Economists

The government’s continued support of the economy was crucial as the country was only able to restore normalcy at the beginning of the fourth quarter.

Considerations For A Carbon Tax In Budget 2022

The carbon tax is designed to incentivize emission reductions across all sectors and support the transition to a low-carbon economy.

Is It Time For Us To Introduce Conditional Cash Transfers?

It would have a positive impact on the recipient's health education and well-being. It combats poverty and builds human capital in the long run and prevents the transmission of poverty from one generation to the other. 

Need-based Policy ‘For Bumiputeras’: Dr Mahathir

The evidence suggests that there was sharp intra-racial disparity among the Malay race compared to the other races suggesting that that the elites were enriching themselves at the detriment of the poor Malays.

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